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Manly Pride Jersey Feminism Debunked on the Radio on SJW Madness

Feminism Debunked
Feminism Debunked
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Published on 29 Jul 2022 / In People & Blogs


Feminism Debunked on the Radio (4BC Brisbane Radio) talks about the Manly Warringah Sea Eagles who went Woke then Broke. Manly is not the only sports team in Australia who has forced its players to wear Jerseys that go against their beliefs. The Carlton Football Club have also forced their players to wear a Feminist Jersey to promote Gender Equality. The public has clearly had enough of this Woke SJW Madness.

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Fuck This Bullshit - Since when is sport NOT about playing SPORT - instead it's some self serving bullshit fucking agenda?

Punch the entire team management and other football code management and boards in the face - give them all a fucking good kicking for a follow through.

It's the adult equivalent to being molested at 5 years old, but in the adult to adult form.

This is beyond stupid and it's beyond bullshit.

"Fine if you want to fuck people of the same gender - great I am happy for you. But don't shove your bullshit down my throat that I have to wear a pink Tu-Tu on the field when I play, as a sign of support for the homo-dykeo bullshit as a cultural idiot fest".

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