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Manly Gay Pride Jersey Feminism Debunked on the Radio SJW backfires

Published on 27 Jul 2022 / In People & Blogs


Feminism Debunked on SEN Radio talking about the Manly Sea Eagles Woke SJW Activism that has backfired and caused seven players to boycott their very important NRL Match against Sydney Roosters. This is a form of Workplace Bullying they are totally disrespecting the Religious beliefs of many NRL players. This is another example of Get Woke Go Broke.

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Yeah shove their woke crap up their arses.....
"I signed up to play a game, not to promote an idiot ideology."
Punching the management of the NRL in the faces, followed through with a good kicking - is fine by me.
And since when did who one liked fucking - become an issue, I thought playing sports was about playing sport.

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