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Man up/Real man debacle: Why we bring men down for women

Published on 29 Mar 2023 / In Film & Animation

In 2015, there was a huge debacle about men floundering in academia and social life and failing to launch, especially in jobs and interpersonal relationships. That year saw the popularization of books like "save the males", "the decline of men", and "the myth of male power" with many commentators notably on Fox news having lengthy discussions of the rocky future men would face if the current trends continue.

A common theme in those discussions and debates among right-wing circles was the push for men to man up, while in feminist circles it was more expressed as becoming a "real man". For the trad cons, they thought men should follow along the footsteps of their fathers and grandfathers, from educational attainment, employment, home ownership, and eventually marriage; and from the standpoint of the feminists, they urged men to decry their fathers and grandfathers socialization and education as patriarchal, sexist and regressive and to reinvent a concept of manhood that is ancillary to feminism and its ideals.

However, that was in vain since those platitudes the right and the feminists regurgitated were ineffective at sparking profound change as the issues afflicting men weren't a personal failure of men. It was systemic.

Since the sixties when affirmative action was instituted, our government have made a concerted effort to equalize women's outcome to that of men. Affirmative action functions as a form of reparations for the supposed evils that have befallen women at the hands of men. And it's been just expanding since the sixties.

For the years that follow, women would receive more preferential treatments, on top of that, favoritism towards women-led companies and companies that hire mostly women wasn't considered a crime.

It's puzzling after many years to still face people who lay the full blame on men for the wreck feminism has brought about. For example, Pordan Jeterson said MGTOW are pathetic weasels, Cucker Carlson would infinitely reprimand men and push them to accept responsibility for which they have no authority, and many others to varying degrees have either attacked men or urged them to play the rigged game anyway.

Reason number 1: it's an evolutionary adaptation — men are inherently gynocentric.

Males raison-detre from a biological standpoint is to improve the fitness of the species through male-on-male competition. Men are an offshoot of the female. For so long, the species reproduced through replication, and then later on, through asexual reproduction. These two processes are slow in accelerating the evolution of the species. That's where male-on-male competition comes into the picture. If males compete to secure mating rights, then only the fittest would be able to pass on their genes and by extension improve the fitness of the species. That's why sexual differentiation kicked off in our species.

The expression of male-on-male competition is not strictly physical. It also includes psychological warfare like intimidation and manipulation. One of the tangible side effects of male-on-male competition is the delayed development of younger males in comparison to younger females, since in earlier times the men that grow up faster and reached adulthood with all that testosterone coursing their veins often died sooner as they challenged the mating rights of other males.

And this is where we get to why men put other men down. It's a ingrained evolutionary propensity to be hostile to other men and protect females, which at times is also used as mating strategy, a competition to increase the fitness of the species.

These moronic nether apes are beholden to an ancient homo-erectus part of their brain, which speaks volumes to the futility of trying to change their minds. Just leave them be.

Second reason: shame of worshiping the golden veejee

The men who put us down are cognizant of the aim of their actions. They know they are exalting women at the expanse of their brothers and friends to gain the validation of women.

There's a sense of shame linked to being so poon-whipped to the extent you sabotage and hurt other innocent men to get the validation from females. That's why they have to bill it as righteous, just like any shitty person in existence doing bad things.


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