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Man Destroys 82 Women in All Female Poker Tournament - MGTOW

Published on 06 Jun 2023 / In Film & Animation

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Hi Everyone Sandman Here,

This video is brought to you by a donation from Roger. He didn't give me a topic so what I wanted to do is cover the story of a 70 year old bearded man that scooped up a $5555 thousand dollar prize after entering a ladies poker tournament in Florida. You go bearded girl. He was allowed in because the Florida government legally lets both men and women into casinos. Now there's an outrage from fellow competitors. But why? Aren't men and women equal in every way? Well women certainly don't like to welcome men into their spaces. In fact what they did was try to make it uncomfortable for him so that he would leave. The oppositive happens when a woman enters a male space. We tend to accommodate her. There's a video of the event floating around where one of the women is saying that the women are going to gang up on him in the games to make sure he can't win. Yet he still did even with the handicap of the female collective coming down on him. He took all their Texas Hold-em prize money. This situation brought up a big debate and many of the women went on social media complain, I mean shame him. But why? Afterall I thought me and women were all equal? I guess now I know why more women than men enjoy gambling on things like Bingo. Because who win is true equality because there's no skill involved and it's random chance. What if a 70 year old granny entered an all male poker tournament. The men wouldn't shame her and wouldn't care because they would gladly take her money. In places like Las Vegas poker tournaments force men to pay ten times the regular entry fee for the tournament to prevent men from entering. But isn't it discrimination to charge men more for the same thing as women? That isn't exactly fair. Again what if they charged some 70 year old granny more to play poker with men. If that's an acceptable law then we men need to start charging two different rates when we provide products and services to men and women. I mean it's only fair right? As for the man Mr. Hughes' his fellow competitors appeared outraged that he was able to enter and win. Of course they should be accepting because they can't be sure that he's really not just some masculine presenting lesbian. He should take offence that they took offence. One of the female players name Ebony Kenney, a pro poker player said that she really wishes that men would get what all woman events really stand for. Well if she was a professional than shouldn't she have beat him to show that women were just as capable as men at everything like we see on television? I'll discuss more in a moment but let me first tell everyone about today's sponsor Me The Sandman:

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Mustang 4 months ago

Never cared for Poker because it's main purpose was to crap on your competitors at the table. No thanks.

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TripeSwing 4 months ago

Sandman needs diction lessons. His speaking style is insufferable. It's like a cross between Valley Girl & Australian upswooping at the end of each phrase. Speak with authority maybe?

   4    0
zdoctor 4 months ago

since men are women.. and women are men.. a dog is a cat.. and a bird is a goat ...all is fair!!! this is all the act like a bird.. walk like a duck ..look like a shirt mentality. .this is what they wanted....everyone is equal!!! . this is what happens ladies.

   7    0
WMHarrison94 4 months ago

What's A lady? These days I don't know any more!?

   4    0
zdoctor 4 months ago

@WMHarrison94: A LADY: a lady is a close to extinct creature that is hardly ever seen in the wild. . most men have never seen one in the wild as i have never seen one myself.

   5    0
WMHarrison94 4 months ago

@zdoctor: I am familiar with the Ladies of the Night. I used to see a lot of ladies as a child. Where did they all go?! Were they real? Or were they illusions?! LOL!

   3    0
zdoctor 4 months ago

@WMHarrison94: ,,,,you had seen a mirage!!! .ladies are an illusion in todays world......now if you told me you had seen a onlytramp ...THEN I WOULD AGREE U MAY HAVE SEEN ONE OF THOSE..LOL

   1    0
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