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Man Cancels Date With Woman To Dig a Ditch !


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Modern Women Highlights
Published on 07 Aug 2022 / In Film & Animation

You Can't Make This Stuff Up! (LMAO)
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AbyssWatcher 2 months ago

no sound

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sauger1001 2 months ago

She's (imo) a bit lower than a "49er" (CGA). To each his own. Sounds like he had his priorities in order. I don't hear her asking if she can help in any way. You know, being a "help meet", or a team player. She was there for the date. He realized that and said "Not tonight, I have a headache, from actually working, not feeling. Good on him.

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Shrike777 2 months ago

From where I come from, women that look and act like that are called ditch pigs.
Girl, he was just getting your room ready.

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SoloMan Zone
SoloMan Zone 2 months ago

Well, this very plain Jane that has a date with The Wall thats way over due, feels she has to tell the world about her dating woes. She admits she use to get guys and had high standards when she was young, but has lowered her standards now as she looks like a bag of S#it now, but won't chase a man.....well I suggest she goes to the local pet store and gets some kittens as that will be her companions from now on.

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