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Man Burns Outside Trump Trial! Manifesto Blames Bitcoin, Climate, AI & More

Published on 19 Apr 2024 / In Entertainment

This news is totally insane

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Crypto Currency - always had that "fakeness" about it - starting with say the differences between a BIG truck full of pallets of tinned baked beans to the tune of $100,000 - sitting in my warehouse, and binary bits on a encrypted hard drives somewhere, that "represents" $100,000..

Technically - they are both representative of $100,000.

But when the drives get wiped by a solar storm / or the system is hacked / breaks / major power failure etc., and the data goes missing - by loss, corruption or erasure - my $100,000 truck load of baked beans is still sitting in my warehouse, and my $100,000 of bit coin has evaporated - like a fart in a fan factory - 10 years ago.....

And the other aspect is that I can get the baked beans back on the market... it can be bought and sold and traded.

When the bit coin evaporates - who and where and when - is going to reinstitute it back into existence, as a tradeable asset?

Technically - when it comes to Bit Coin - there is NOTHING there, and when the "nothing there" disappears, it cannot be brought back into existence.

Another "Carrington Event" or solar coronial mass ejection that hits earth square on and 3/4 of all the chip based machinery gets toasted - and what then?

When people start killing each other to get food, I can't see dedicated teams of tens of thousands of people rescuing data from hard drives... that might be fried beyond ever working again...

The chips, and the chip making factories - all gone - LOL

The Bit Coin currencies - evaporated.

But I will still have my truck load of baked beans.

Hence the issues of a lack of real world credibility with the Bit Coin currencies as an asset.

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WMHarrison94 30 days ago

Sounds believeable to me... though, there exists also the possibility they forced him to burn himself....

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