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Published on 12 Sep 2022 / In Other

People recently Blocked will be un-blocked and the Chat/Community will be reset. Rules are:
No Drama
No bringing other things from other channel's (with intent to disrupt) otherwise talk ab whatever
No Doxing
No Hate Speech/Bullying/Harrassment/Racism/Ableism/homophobia/bigotry etc...Tolerated Period. No Warnings Blocked.
Mods are to ask periodically to like & Subscribe (keep the audience and vibe up/support) and to share other Channels when mentioned an randomly.
If you wish to be/stay a Mod. Never override Squares personal decisions in chat.
If unsure please DM me, (I ask all mods be willing to add me on Twitter for a private way to communicate and ask questions instead of in chat)
No But...
No what about...?
No nothing.
I have made my peace and sincerely apologized for past unintentional/intentional transgressions.
Everyone have a great day!!!

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