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Luxury Neighborhoods Of North Portland

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Published on 08 May 2021 / In News & Politics

Garbage strewn about everywhere, zombie RV's lining the streets, homeless tents popping up off the roads.... welcome to luxurious North Portland! The tiny homes of Dignity Village look good by comparison. This is your city on wackjob liberal policy.

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Hammerhead69 7 months ago

They set up an overflow camp in the cemetery here in Hillsboro and it was finally removed after months of squatters living among the tombstones, Seattle has the same problem with these loons you'd be surprised many have homes and families with options. This is a fad among the spoiled rich kids here and the crapping on the sidewalks is part of the experience.

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SQUEAK077 7 months ago

Wcamstudios,jeremiah babe all good u tube channels showed what is going on. I went to town here 35 min away more homeless old women pan handling for change. Gave this old woman 5 bucks she said its the 1st time in 2 weeks she has been out cannot even afford food this economy is done. Now look at the govt and states pushing for more taxation while cashing out on trillions for corporations. Total Ponzi scheme when the hell are people going to wake up. It really is what the military does as soon as you exit the bus and you think 10 sec before what the fuck did I get myself into. I read where canada sent a few million to s korea for covid recovery and they turned around and spent it on a statue. I am laughing.

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cth96190 7 months ago

How to tell when an area is controlled by Democrats.
Partition now.
Confine Democrats to their squalid shit holes and watch them die there.

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Generationless 7 months ago

If COVID is so prevalent and deadly, how come the people living in all this filth aren't having their bodies being loaded like firewood on a flatbed truck and going to the morgue?

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sauger1001 7 months ago

They gotta' transfer them to nursing homes first, in NYC. Then Fredo's brother can have them killed, and loaded onto semi reefer trailers for "disposal". SMFH.

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Mustang 7 months ago

Attention children : This is what happens when the city's voters elect Marxist-Communist-Democrats year after year. And its coming to Texas, Florida, and other Red States because the Brain Dead Liberals who vote for these Marxist/Leftist/Liberal policies get fed up with the horrible results of their ideology and then move to Red States so they don't have to put up with their own crap. But then when they get to the Red Ststes, they vote for the same old Leftist Candidates and Leftist Ideology that resulted in the decline of the State that they just came from!!!!!! SMH.

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