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Low-T Try Guy FIRED After Caught Cheating On Wife, Crew Apologizes For Calling Him Soy Boy

Timcast IRL
Timcast IRL
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Published on 28 Sep 2022 / In News & Politics

Guest: Don't Walk, Run
@dontwalkrun (Twitter)

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Toki 2 months ago

OK but cheating is the norm now for couples. You're telling me this woman didn't cheat also? Oh wait, women can do no wrong according to Timcast. For example you should have highly criticized Jack Murphy's hoe legal married partner who takes advantage of him and his stupid supporters.
And Tim it's not like you are married. I imagine some hookers you sleep with want your money and want to get commitment from you to eventually get that money. But you stay available so you can get a new hooker every night. Or maybe you're a Beta Joe who's supporting another man's cheating wife?

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