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Zar Kezar
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Published on 14 Jan 2020 / In People & Blogs

Should we be open and honest about going our own way? Should we publicly proclaim our status as MGTOW? Should we metaphorically, or even literally, shout it from the rooftops, proudly and loudly advertising to the world that we adhere to this philosophy and lifestyle?
I believe it is a matter of personal choice and each man going his own way should decide for himself. Some MGTOW are very vocal about our philosophy and lifestyle both online and in day to day life. While others simply go their own way in silence because they consider it no one else’s business.
I have heard some MGTOW adapting the famous line from the film Fight Club and applying it to our philosophy, “The first rule of MGTOW is don’t talk about MGTOW.” However, this is a poor analogy since MGTOW only has two clearly defined rules, those being the rejection of marriage and cohabitation with women. There is no rule against talking about MGTOW whether online or in everyday life. The content producers who use this misquoted line from Fight Club in their videos while talking about MGTOW clearly mean; do not talk about MGTOW offline, but there is often a thin line between words and actions on the internet and those in our day to day lives.

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