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⁣Look Who’s Stalking | Grunt Speak Live

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Published on 09 Jun 2022 / In Comedy

You should never treat a Slump Buster like a Supermodel. Because when you do, you create stalkers. Join the Crazy Drunk Uncles tonight at 8pm Eastern and share your stories!

#GruntSpeakLive #Stalkers #Dating

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dragonbro91 21 days ago

geezus what is this fart and scat fetish?

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I can help.... "What is a woman?" ---- "It's a life support system for a cunt!"

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Ivana Eatenkum
Ivana Eatenkum 21 days ago

Keep tabasco sauce in your overnight bag!

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I kind of gave this idea the legs to make it popular... but get the CLEAR HOT sauces, and ONLY use it if she insists on you or her putting the used condom into something she can get at later... And she says, just after the fuck, "OMG! is that the time, You have to get your gear on and go, I am running late for work...." Then if you can't flush it, dose it with a ml or two of hot sauce... and if after you leave, she starts screaming - AHHH me cunts on fire.... Well you know what she has done... but you really want to have a clean escape route on that or she might get you for assault or something... Saying, "I would not hold it against some guy doing that to a gold digging sperm jacker - I am fine with that, but it might not be so good to get caught for having done it.

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slapmonkey 21 days ago

Knight everyone.

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Sogo 21 days ago

Peace out Gents!

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