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Published on 06 Sep 2023 / In People & Blogs

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I have a problem of talking so much about FDR with the guy I dated he felt like he wouldn't be the "alpha" in a relationship with me and didn't wanna continue dating.... Should I bring this up in some more delicate way? Avoid mentioning stefan so that the guy doesn't realise he's a man XD I could pretend I just came up with everything by myself.

Hi Stefan! How does one overcome trauma stemming from parental neglect? What does it mean to have processed said trauma?

How do I spot propaganda from truth? My thoughts are that if one side provides unbiased info and does not try to hide info then it's probably not propaganda, am I right?

I read The Fountainhead almost 2 years ago and loved it. But I'm not sure I really understood the character of Ellsworth Toohey. Why he chooses to be evil? Could you give us your take? Maybe refer to a podcast where you talk about it in length. Thanks!

Hi Stef. My wife tells me that while I’m at work our 18m old will scratch and throw things at her when he doesn’t get his way. She wants to smack his hand. I tell her that is not an option and why. She’s resenting me for not letting her do it. I try to give her other options, but she says those options will only make him angrier. For example a room divider in our living space so she can do her duties in the kitchen and not be within his reach. He’s not like this when I’m around because I’m, “the fun dad” that can give him full attention when home. I could use more solutions/options for her, but even then she might persist at being a victim. Typing out this message has been helpful already because some of what you’ll say is coming to me. Thank you.

Our 4 year old daughter has been acting out lately. She is drawing on walls, shredding up paper or toilet paper, etc. It’s my understanding she’s acting out to communicate something but I can’t figure out what it is. It does not seem like it comes from a place of anger or rage, just mischievous behavior. Any advice?

Why does the idea of freedom cause anxiety in a lot of people?

Can you heal your capacity for pair bonding after refraining from hedonistic behavior and pursing a more virtuous path through self work and responsibility?

Hi Stefan, do you think having practical skills is important for example being able to fix and make things, do you teach your daughter these things? Also If you had a son do you think it is more important that you do so?

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