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‘Load of RUBBISH’ - Not Zero author SLAMS sale of smart meters

Published on 03 Feb 2023 / In Film & Animation

Climate change is one of those (Big LIES) told often enough the brainless start to be lieve it. I hope I live long enough to hear the fuck wit's complain about what they caused to be lost when it comes to them and not say being able to get to hospital or see their family? And they would have done it all themselves anbd are to blame. Seeing as they want us all in doors this SMART meter thing is another con because they know you will have to use more power. If I had to have a smart meter. I would turn of the flow at the fuse box and only turn it o0n whyen ?I needed to use it. at presemnt I have an older meter and I use a lot of Battery lighting (LED), the batteries I take from the recycle battery bins in super market's. did you know on average 3 out of 4 batteries put in for recycling are perfectly fine, also did you know that Alkaline batteries CAN and DO get recharged if in my hands. The battery manufacturerers wont tell you that! finally - Avoid ANYTHING with the prefix "SMART", because it wont be.

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