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Live Free or Die a Slave

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Published on 01 Jul 2022 / In Entertainment

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InfiniteMushroom 1 month ago

The Jew World Order is giving us the third option of living as a slave. You'll still feel somewhat "free" because you are allowed to choose your copes in order to endure it better. You can still pretend to vote. Your free-dumb give you a dizzying variety of Jew-engineered crap entertainment to choose from. You can choose credit cards that help you manage your debt slavery. You can work more than one job to pay for a bitch wife, ungrateful kids, and stupid inlaws.

The vast majority are already dejure slaves. Slave to your job. Slave to a wife. Slave to ungrateful kids. Slave to everybody who has a legal claim to you and your labors. Slave to debt. Slave to your stuff that you're still paying for. Slave to a vile paradigm that assaults your sense of decency and compels you to not only tolerate but, to celebrate the undesirables forcibly imposed upon you (LBGTQ, BLM, Jewish money and legal tricks, 3rd world immigration). And SLAVE to a country that hates you if you're a STRAIGHT WHITE MALE.

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