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Listen Up Cops: Get Ready for War | Live From The Lair

Terrence Popp
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Published on 02 May 2021 / In Film & Animation

⁣With the way things are going, law enforcement needs to start thinking tactically if they want to survive. Listen to an old grunt and maybe you will.
#defundthepolice #civilwar #livefromthelair

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DLOpsahl 4 days ago

Any LEO that supports to ANY level Civil Asset Forfeiture is absolutely 100% corrupt and should be removed from, and permanently barred from, any and all positions of public trust, public authority or any degree of combination of the two. Additionally, any LEO that "enforces" any gun law is morally bankrupt and can not be trusted.

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SQUEAK077 5 days ago

Only way around the law is to HIRE an EX prosecuting Atty who is not working for the public..... Never hire a female attorney. If you are dating have 5k on hand at all times not at home if married 35k just in case. Life lessons from my own experiences and i warned friends why lost many over during the wedding i said is she pregnant are you sure. I was told shut up or leave. Last buddy divorced 2 yrs later 2 sons she kept getting pregnant. Years ago and i tell men you have kids dna swab to the mouth.

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KEEPER 6 days ago

is there a reason why POPP didn't put this video on youtube? i checked and i couldn't find this video there. most ppl don't even know about this website.

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whatever1 6 days ago

i'm going to die

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whatever1 6 days ago

murica monday

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nexus1961 6 days ago

Hah, anyone see "Assault on precinct 13"??
20 people could demolish a cop station house, given sufficient weapons.
200 is in "scorched earth" territory.

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nexus1961 6 days ago

Yeah, sorry, but I'm not sorry, the cops have been complicit in the shutdowns and backing up the gooberment with Covid-craziness, I acknowledge their necessity, but they've done one really shitty-assed job of selling themselves to the public for the past 18 months.
When they sided with the rabid mobs in Seattle and Portland, and did NOTHING to fight back against their own shitty leadership, they lost my support, the same way I now have ZERO respect for our military leadership, as well as our "justice" system.
Prove me wrong, you khaki-clad cocksuckers!!!!!!!!!!

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KEEPER 6 days ago

i think the ones that quit are fine, because they weren't complicit with the illegal activities that these politicians and mayors that the orders came from. the ones that quit probably went to security jobs.

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Ratherbefishing 7 days ago

The police gangs throughout the West have been working overtime for years to earn the hate. Thinking people would have already located the homes of local politicians and as many members of the local police gang as possible just for future reference.

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ManOfEck 7 days ago

It will be Al Anbar with no support. 3 5 3 baby

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FeWolf 7 days ago

as a black veteran friend of mine said, " you don't want to piss of the white man, it never ends well for all".

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nest006 7 days ago

The points you made about lack of push back and tolerance by MSM for these morons is basically it. They have curated an entitled Stasi of idiots to carry out their dirty work, and there are also shill DA's who let these mongs straight out to burn it all down again.

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WaylanderTheSlayer 7 days ago

The cops need flame throwers for this situation......

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eebox 7 days ago

USA needs an INJUSTICE REBOOT. ALL citizens should have RIGHT to sue GOVT servants. POS are not our masters

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eldrazi317 7 days ago

But I think that’s how they are trained—to think of citizens as pissAnts...

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