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Licky Chewy Choky Cheerleader | Grunt Speak Shorts

Published on 10 Aug 2022 / In Comedy

⁣A grown man pretending to swap junk so he can "coach" teenage cheerleaders? Yeah, totally normal. Nothing to see here.
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#gruntspeaklive #cheercampfail #transformers

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The female basket ball players.... they are fucking CRAP - lazy, lame at training, point scoring etc.,

I saw ONE set of highlights from a "best of" game amongst the leading teams...

OK I am fat, old, out of shape etc., and I know that these fucking women they had like running up and down the court all game, and 98% of their shots for the hoop missed - and this is from close up and easy to get shots....

I KNOW that at least initially I could get at least 4 out of 10 of their throws in the hoop....

The shots that all these women were missing - were THAT easy... not crowded in, all slow, easy game, standing right next to the hoop etc..

Fuck the women's basket ball - they are fucking hopeless.

They don't deserve ANY free loading support.

Their training isn't worth shit - they were ALL missing 95 out of 100 shots at the hoop.... that is not bad that is just fuck off and go home, and only come back when you can get 9 out of 10 throws in the basket.

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People in Murrika do not understand the technological superiority of the We The British.

We the British were the first race to build the Pyramids, Walk on the surface of the sun and all the other planets, and develop steam locomotion and railways etc..

The other most excellent British thing is the Cricket Bat.

It can be assumed that the Cricket Bat is used for hitting Cricket Balls - and perhaps rightly so, if only by names sake and association.

However this rather splendid tool works equal well for embedding into the faces of lying fucking cunts in the Main Sleaze Media.

Praise be the name of Jesus.

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TANGO666 1 year ago

George Bush? he was a faggot ass cheerleader.....for Yale.

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