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Leftist activist women are FINISHED as the destroy their own jobs.

Published on 11 Apr 2024 / In People & Blogs

Like a snake eating its own tail just to satisfy its hunger, women are activists destroying everything they touch just so they can virtue signal and demand men and conservatives think like they do.

They're burning down the house because they can't stand the color of the paint.

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eilisin 1 month ago

hopefully Joker get kicked off of youtube sooner rather than later. Then maybe he'll add the rumble stream to instead of the youtube one.

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mrghoster 1 month ago

The punchong women in the face thing is not what it seems. A while back their were a handful of drunk or drugged up homeless people in New York that were attacking women with punches, it wasn't a gang it was random and it didn't represent MEN in general. So don't believe everything you hear about MEN. 99% of MEN in general are the good guys and if women hang out with bad boys or arround the down and out's there will be consequences. This constant attack verbally on MEN has created a situation that women WILL have to resolve themselves. MEN being logical and rational, being protectors of THEMSELVES it appears these days have basically said "Ok Darling I'm off, you don't need ME and I have shit I want to do". So enter Red Pill and MGTOW philosophy (MGTOW for me is the NEW STOICISM), also MRA's and I'm sure many other's have walked. One day women are going to have destroyed so much socially and psychologicallyt, they WILL turn to MEN to sort their fefail shit out. Any MAN with REAL balls will simply tell them to FUCK OFF. I'm in a situation where some would say I'm selfish? but nope, I'm playing catch up for ME after years of "SELFLESSNESS" to another. I'm not giving up a dime of wehat I've earned financially and spiritually for a women, In fact women don't even feature in my life other than to laugh at them and ridicual them as they do MEN.

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Amanda Marcotte uses man made products by the bucketful.

Take Vaseline for instance.

She uses about a liter a week.

Why? Because she is a fucking wanker.

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BB hates journalists...


S: "I hate them MORE."

BB: "Nooooo I hate them more that you!"

S: "I hate them 10 x as much as you could ever hate them."


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nopch8t 1 month ago

This may seem impossible , but I hate them more than you do .

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TripeSwing 1 month ago

I call it Bitch Brain, & it's the worst when males catch it. I grew up under a single ma & 3 older sisters, so I used to have Bitch Brain a bit too. It's when a person gets entitled and emotional and selfish to the point where they act like a 3 year old child if they're called out on their losing of emotional arguments. When males do this it is especially unappealing. Males who are surrounded by too many Western 21st Century females sometimes have spurts of Bitch Brain where they act emotionally/feminine. Females hate feminine males and males hate masculine females. The West is doomed if this problem is not solved.

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