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Learn to Laugh at Online Dating | Live From The Lair

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Published on 15 May 2022 / In Comedy

⁣If you don’t like it, swipe left, laugh it off, and drive on.
#LiveFromTheLair #Dating #FemaleNature

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The marriage rates are now down to a shave above only 5 in 1000 men are getting married.

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I get all these "sit to piss" guys ragging on me all the time....
They are fucking LOSERS.

But when Terry comes on TV, I like to get my automatically winding watch, and give it a really good shake.
Praise Jesus.
But only during the adds.

And woman and internet dating - these chicks are just fucking wankers....
Lazy, lying, apathetic, they had no brains, show no initiative, have nothing to say or can't reply or make any kind of small talk or show any reciprocity.

After 14 years of drought - "Hey did you get any rain over your way in the last few days?"


Stupid cunts.

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hqwebsite 2 months ago

Those who can't stand Popp laughing off at shit situation does not deserve seeing a spun Popp.

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