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Late Night Talk Shows are genuinely horrible

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Published on 18 Jun 2021 / In Entertainment

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Grin_Reaper 4 months ago

I never saw the appeal of late night shows. Interviews with celebrities I don't care about interspersed with bad musical numbers and gags that struggle to draw a chuckle out of me. I don't think I would even notice if all the late night shows suddenly died.

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KEEPER 4 months ago

i used to watch Conan, and it was kind of a fun show for a while. but this was also back when i just had regular TV no cable or youtube. and you just pretty much looked for something that was good to listen to to watch. it's funny i hated Seinfeld, but if it was a slow day and nothing else was on TV, i would watch it. i'm so glad these days are done.

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