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Korean Women Destroyed By MeToo Movement - MGTOW

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Published on 23 Nov 2021 / In People & Blogs

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'Me Too' Leads to Women Being Shunned in the Office

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Hi Everyone Sandman Here,

This video is brought to you by a donation from Fat Cat. She didn't have a topic and I thought I'd dedicate this topic to her. Back when the #MeToo movement first started gaining speed all over the world including Korea there was an article I missed called: "'Me Too' Leads to Women Being Shunned in the Office". It's short and I've linked to it in the description and I'd like to read it now as well and I quote: "The Hollywood-born "Me Too" movement against sexual harassment has had the paradoxical effect that many working women now find themselves isolated in the office as their male colleagues studiously avoid them. Korea has an ingrained office drinking culture, where all kinds of bullying by superiors goes on. To be on the safe side, men now deliberately exclude women from office gatherings and business trips, leading to an equally unwelcome form of ostracism. One 29-year-old office worker at a mid-sized company in southern Seoul said, "I feel very uncomfortable at work these days." She said her boss told female staff to go home when he took out the men out drinking. But the office worker would have liked to bond with her coworkers and felt that opportunity was taken away from her against her will. "I didn't do anything wrong, but I felt like I was being treated like I had," she said. Another office worker at a shipping company in Seoul said, "I rarely talk with my boss these days. He used to be very chatty with the female staff, but nowadays he only gives instructions by text message." Her boss apparently told other workers that he feared any comments could be misunderstood by female staff. "I feel like I became invisible in my office," she said. Online communities in Korea are filled with comments from men saying that their female colleagues scare them now. "We need to keep our distance from women, since we don't know what they may do," one wrote. One male office worker in southern Seoul said, "My male coworkers are telling each other to watch out for female staff who may jump on the #Me Too bandwagon. My friend advised me recently to avoid interacting with women at work." Women may be suffering disadvantages at work if it keeps them from vital tasks and prejudices their male colleagues against them. One 29-year-old staffer with a medical equipment maker in Gyeonggi Province said she was abruptly excluded from a business trip next month to China and a man was assigned instead. "I spent a lot of time convincing buyers in China as I prepared for the business trip, but all my efforts were wasted," she said. "Since the #Me Too campaign started, my boss seems to be scared to go on business trips with female staff. This will reduce opportunities for me to achieve results at work." In the U.S., where the hysteria started, senior executives are also avoiding interacting with female staff, which often reduces the women's chances of getting ahead in business. Koh Kang-sup at the Young Professionals Institute of Korea said men avoiding women is a flawed approach. Avoiding addressing the crux of the problem will only deepen the rift between men and women in the office. We need to find ways to address the issue together." unquote Before I discuss more let me first tell everyone about today's sponsor HEX:

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NoFemVAL 6 days ago

Avoid cunt.

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DutchCobbler 7 days ago

Any woman that has benefited from the gynocentric system without compliant or protest is as culpable as those that fought to instill it. Passively consenting to gender quotas for example, and thus getting a job because of it, means that she supports and profits from it. In this case Me Too has been a hidden blessing, because like feminism, it exposed women for what they really are, and they wound up sinking their own ship.

May men remain vigilant against these woman, guarded, and fully separated from them. If they want to climb the ladder it'll have to be in the open instead of behind closed doors.

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Mustang 7 days ago

Your thumbnail doesn't look very Korean to me.

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hqwebsite 7 days ago

Probably the more obvious reason why South Korean women should be avoided.

By the way, the story behind the above photo was about this; https://www.good.is/money/how-....a-meme-can-ruin-your

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Vandetta 7 days ago

Surely start up that YT channel for home based entrepreneurs. I would gladly tune in.
Also I'm sure you could subtly drop some RPs in your vids. Also how do you spell the name you used for them, someone enlighten me.

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SigmaSensei 7 days ago


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Anticuck82 7 days ago

also known as Neet

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Anticuck82 7 days ago

coouf crisis start to pass? when ? after two weeks to flatten the curve ? hello ? november of two thousand fucking twenty one here...

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Menwalkaway 7 days ago


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eldrazi317 7 days ago

I also found what you said about a man’s meal ticket to be funny and true. How a man protects his meal ticket, you’d think females would be the same way. Since for the most part men are their meal ticket, and from everything I’m seeing, once everything runs it’s course females will find it difficult finding a meal ticket if you will.

Especially if the future business, most likely online business start only hiring male workers for greater productivity and less distractions.

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eldrazi317 4 7 days ago

That idea for a channel where one can learn to build a business from within one’s room sounds sweet. Especially when society and PTB are trying to fuck everything up. Plus as you said SandMan, jobs are overrated, it will be those who become entrepreneurs who will remain sovereign.

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havok545 7 days ago

I'm in my 50's and EVERY blue collar labor and white collar office job was always ruined by females destabilizing everything constantly complaining and going to HR. Even knew women who hated all the other women and wished she just worked with guys.
I LOVE that this is happening!!!!

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El Hombre por su Cuenta

It's very simple: Cause and effect. Action and reaction. Decisions and consequences.

Just as I don't feel sorry for the degenerate and stalking guys to whom the full weight of the law falls (as it has to be), neither do I feel sorry for the women who now complain and lament about the situation that largely they generated .

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Bobby_Onii_Chan 7 days ago

Women in Korea were ruined by feminism when I was there back in 2001 and 2003...

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foodfighter69 7 days ago

Most amazing woman I've seen was an Amazonian type Korean godess , I.e. perfect features. But as a whole they are one of the least sexy asian women

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