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Published on 03 Dec 2021 / In People & Blogs


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libertyanyday 2 months ago

she has BPD her eyes are too wide apart......... wouldnt ask her the time of day

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sirte1965 2 months ago

everything that comes out of a woman's mouth is either an insult, a lie or a blasphemy. And usually that lie or an insult are blasphemous in nature.

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"Oh Amr - I love you!"

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JJJJJ 2 months ago

on her profile she claims shes a celibate LOL

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lyhyemmat 2 months ago

These e-thots are all Fem Celibates. There's a very inteligent reason why women have hidden their body counts throughout the entire human history

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She is celebate, but her cunt is fully booked out.

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She in a purely physical sense, is not bad looking - though she resembles a preying mantis.....
But her character beams through, and she gives off the vibe of being a nasty, unfuckable, spiteful cunt.
She IS an ugly person.
She is the sort if she didn't have the good manners to jump off a cliff and kill herself, maybe the cliff would be kind enough to give way and help her out.

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