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King Charles III has more pen trouble

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Published on 14 Sep 2022 / In News & Politics

Stationery shenanigans are becoming something of a trademark for Britain’s newly-crowned monarch. After Saturday’s pen-pushing fiasco, which saw the king exasperated by a rogue box of pens in his way, Charles was once again thwarted at the hands of a leaky nib.

Signing a visitors’ book to mark his appearance at Northern Ireland’s Hillsborough Castle, Charles already had his knickers in a twist over accidentally writing the wrong date, when his pen decided to join in the fun by spewing ink all over his hands.


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Charlie can't say, "Every Fucking Time" - because he is posh Orrite.

And this fountain pen issues - comes down to temperature differentials and internal and atmospheric pressures. AND if at his age, he had of not figured out why fountain pens - SOME designs are inherently leak / expulsion proof and others are not, and he had not of changed from a pen that dumps it's ink to a pen that retains it's ink, then he is an idiot.

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