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Kim Kardashian files to become legally single one day after Kanye professes love - WD2


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Published on 11 Dec 2021 / In News & Politics

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Alpha Male Lifestyle
Alpha Male Lifestyle 5 months ago

Pete Davidson is a simp who suffers from BPD. Kim K is using him just as Megan Fox uses Machine Gun Kelly.

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Alpha Male Lifestyle
Alpha Male Lifestyle 5 months ago

Why do good guys like Kanye who have options still get with women like Kim K. Even I learned my lesson and I have nowhere near the options Kanye has no am I the talented genius he is.

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Kimmy is just a media darling for the trash rag magazines, who feed their ethical and mental filth to the low lifes of society (idiot women).
Take away her looks, and she is just gutter garbage.
She is single again? Like who cares?
Catching that bitch is like getting a celebrity babe in a narcotics anonymous meeting...
"Hey Good Looking Disaster Area - you are just stunning, brave and powerful".

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