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Kiev grooms its population and the West for ‘Ukraine must negotiate’ reality – Archil Sikharulidze

Published on 25 Nov 2023 / In News & Politics

On the heel of the revelation that a peace deal with Russia could’ve been reached last year, which was made by David Arakhamia, leader of the Ukrainian parliamentary group ‘Servant of the People,’ we speak with political analyst and Sikha Foundation founder Archil Sikharulidze on why Kiev is showcasing the issue

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usr6874038614 3 months ago

What else did we expect? UK is under control of the US.
They did the same thing during WW2 : prolonging the war. What no one is allowed to know is that during all of WW2 there was a standing generous peace offer from Germany to the UK, but Churchill forbade diplomats all over the world any contact with any German to avoid receiving the offer. Look up Rudolf Hess' peace mission in this context too. Imagine : all those deaths during WW2 could have been avoided if Churchill would just not simp for his zionist controllers. Who's the criminal against humanity again?
The UK government has a lot of needless devastation and suffering to account for...

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