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Just how isolated are you as a man with Morals, Ethics, Values and Principles?

Published on 20 Nov 2023 / In Entertainment

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BloodyCaligula 13 days ago

I was once told that the difference between a brown-noser and a shithead is depth perception. Tim Pool exemplifies this to a tee. He has his head so far up women's asses that I can't tell where the gynocracy ends and he begins. I'd love to get into the ring with him and beat the ever-loving piss outta him. Anyone else think he couldn't throw a punch to save his, much less anyone else's, life?

Kl'rt was right. There IS far too much trash in the universe.

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mgtowlive 16 days ago

Spot on hammer fuck Tim Pool comparing weman from 100 years ago the fucken wanka cunt mother fucker talk about miss leading men

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Shadewalker 19 days ago

Hammer can you do a video on building Fortitude?

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