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Junior Finds Out His Mom Lied and Denied Him a Fortune | Grunt Speak

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Published on 30 Dec 2022 / In Comedy

⁣Chief Kickabitch of the Slapaho Nation gives us one of the finest tales of karma at work.
#TerrencePopp #FatherlessHomes #Karma

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WMHarrison94 1 month ago

Damn. Talk about just deserves...

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QDLLC 1 month ago

Always keep proof of child support payments. They are worth their weight in gold.

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Hmmmm the amount of women who SERIOUSLY fuck with their children and they fuck with their heads...

You get the self help groups - and you have no idea how many people come in - absolutely hating their mothers... because these fucking bitches are evil to the core.

My mother in some sense was commisserating with me about what a cunt her ex-husband -- my father, was. This including issues of his tight arsed issues with money, his cruelty to us children and HIS and HERS sex life.....

BUT this was an extremely lop sided case.

She could have said, "Our relationship was difficult and he was not a very good husband" AND it was the frequency that she took every opportunity to slag him off to me, that she could, AND she did it for decades....

However, she NEVER put her own shortcomings onto the table and always played the victim

AND my mother was an expert manipulator - when it came to competing with the other women to get to fuck particular men, she always beat the competition.

So she competed against a heap of women to "get" my father, and other men as well.

So what is HER part in picking out these guys... She chased them....

And in amongst all her wheeling and dealing in the real world and as a parent - she was a viscious and deceitful cunt in her own right.


Selfish and Self Centered to the absolute core.

And while I have no overwhelming desire to hunt her down and kill her - I really want nothing to do with her ever again - and when it comes to her "deceased estate" - I really only want a few of my own things back - it could all fit into half a shoe box actually, but if there was some inheretence that came out of this - fine - it would be useful.

The trouble is that she is the genuine borderline psychotic - she is genuinely hard wired to be fucked in the head... she cannot be anyone other than who she is or was.

She reminds me very much of Roma Army - who did some GOOD videos on really trying to be a good mother to her daughter - and that was really important - she stabilised with some therapy and meds and all that - if only for a little while.

But the rest of the time she was psycho..... her normal was other peoples crazy.

And people don't get that about borderlines - they try to make their normal, as the benchmark for the crazy to operate by - the crazies operate on their own time table.... not theirs. "Why are the crazies NOT acting normally?" - because they are crazy dip shit! - That's why.

So sympathies aside - if she fucked with the wrong person and the manipulation, the deceit and the power games of pressing peoples nuclear option buttons until they killed themselves or her, well if someone strangled her or shot her in the face - my consideration is a) I understand and b) It's in the natural course of events.

You could paraphrase it like this, "If she runs around attempting to stab enough people with a carving knife, somone will pull out a claw hammer and kill her." This is just how it goes.

She is or was a fucking psychological monster, and when I was small - she was the violent drunken psycho - to me and my fathers other children.

And there are a lot of women just like her or they are similar to her.....

And a lot of people grow up, just hating their fucking mothers - because they ARE or have been absolute cunts of human beings.

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The Man Inside
The Man Inside 1 month ago

Wasn't this suppose to be a Terrence Popp show?

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JG123 1 month ago

Although, Pop kicked in around nine minutes.

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The Man Inside
The Man Inside 1 month ago

@JG123: He seems to be the guest of his own show.

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