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Judas Peterson When a Good Goy Goes Bad


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Published on 20 Jan 2023 / In People & Blogs

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Avacados 2 months ago

Steven Crowder admitted he was bisexual. The guy's a fag like Andrew Taint. All these so called "right wing" tards are probably fags.

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SupDude3 2 months ago

If energy, electricity and food running out...? Sounds like what World Economic Fourms leader Klaus Schwabhas been saying recenlty.

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diesalfan 2 months ago

why you are done with p2p? what happened?

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Dallas_LooksMaxxer 2 months ago

Amr you’ve been pumping out a lot of good content lately. Face is looking good #NoHomo

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4_ArchAngel 2 months ago

After this video I returned to the Book of Job for review. When the going got tough Job's wife jumped ship and took up relations with a different man. Under Jewish Law she could not remarry if her husband was alive so Job's wife was asking him to curse God and commit suicide, I think this oral tradition was later reduced to writing and centered around a real person. This is my analysis.

Job is mentioned in Torah, New Testament, and Quaran. The Quaran was narrated to Mohamud by the Angel Gabriel. However....Qu - 21 and Qu - 38 have the same reference to Job. Each passage states, ''we renewed [Job] as a mercy from us". The passages are nearly identical and in 2 different Surah. Amr, this is bragging from the narrator. I try to read things like this carefully, so of this impression I am certain.

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