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Jordanians protest Israeli airstrikes on Gaza

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Published on 07 Aug 2022 / In News & Politics

Jordanian protesters gathered near the Israeli Embassy in Amman to demonstrate against the airstrikes on Gaza.

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mgtow_economics 2 months ago

The Zionist state needs to be destroyed. It's really that simple. I would prefer if it were geographically eradicated, in addition to the population being wiped out. The reason why geographical eradication is necessary is so that we can finally be done with these Canaanites LARPing as Judahites. The geographical eradication and the population eradication should obviously take place simultaneously.

It's honestly too late to even listen to them. We know that they are a tribe of vicious liars, and pretty much everything they say is fake. They even lie about their identity. They are never going to willingly comply with the wishes of world politicians. They will always be a thorn to all of humanity. Their lies are now so great that it is causing a great population decline in our own countries.

The Zionists have to go extinct, and it has to occur with extreme rapidity. This was the analysis by Dr Alan Sabrosky, and I completely agree with him. The Jewish banks of the West should be obliged to pay to re-house the Palestinians, especially since the land of Palestine will now be under water...

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