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Jordan Peterson Talks About Sexbots - MGTOW

Published on 23 Mar 2023 / In People & Blogs

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Hi Everyone Sandman Here,

This video is brought to you by a donation from Roger. He didn't give me a topic with his donation so I wanted to cover a video called The surprising truth behind men's shift towards singlehood in today's dating scene. It's from a YouTuber that believes in MGTOW but can't really use it in his video titles because of demonitization. Speaking of demonitization my Sandman 2 channel, link below has been partially monetized. I can get YouTube red revenue and will be able to do super chats so I'm debating setting up livestream on there. As for Man Guide's video he discusses this re-tweet from Rollo Tomassi where Paul - Best Men's Podcast Ever says that Monk Mode is a cope. It's just an excuse you tell yourself so you don't have to talk to women. And Rollo says that someone finally had to say it. First off if you have to call your podcast the best men's podcast then odds are it's not even close. The greatest threat to the pickup roach, their bug spray or raid so to speak is men going their own way and specifically monk mode. I can understand why Rollo thinks it's cope because he's married and a married man has a different mind. I shamed the MGTOW monks before I became one and had thousands of guys back in early 2015 attack me for calling them cowards when they didn't want to day. That's why I haven't gone after Think Before You Sleep the way Undead Chronic has. He's still young and can afford to make some mistakes. He has to make them in order to become wise. It's like that line in the Matrix from Morpheous where he says there's a difference between knowing the path and walking the path. Until you walk the monk mode path after you've been in the dating world and understood how it's changed your behavior you won't know. Rollo is a lifelong lover. His mind has been stewing in it's own love juices for decades now. You have to have experienced both to understand why a man might go monk mode. Being single for years and being in a relationship for years are like living two different lives. You are two completely different people in each situation. Would I get into a relationship again? Am I just coping? Well, I want an intellectual and artistic equal, a counterpart and that's not going to happen. I've spoken to women that are my equals and are living their version of a sigma grindset as single women. They can clearly have a partner but they choose to be single to persue their purpose. They aren't being shamed for going nun mode. It's only men that get shamed. But having a relationship with such a woman is like taking an exotic bird and trapping it in a gilded cage. Why would anyone want to do that to someone they love? Once I realized that I knew that I couldn't just have a meaningless relationship with a meaningless woman. I want an equal but it would feel wrong being with her. I'll discuss more about how MGTOW and monk mode is supposedly cope in just a moment but let me first tell everyone about today's sponsor The MGTOW Book Collection Part 2:

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La Hidra TV
La Hidra TV 1 year ago

J.Peterson is a shabbos goy.

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Lorgar 1 year ago

I see a beautiful, radiant future for waifus. May the holy light of Slaanesh shine upon this miserable world!

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JustinPeanuts 1 year ago

Peterson is right about the timing. There are already AI software packages that can operate on PCs that can be used to emulate a woman. Combining current love doll technology with AI and robot technology is going to have a profound impact on society.

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Dutch Cobbler
Dutch Cobbler 1 year ago

I don't believe women are going to loose anything. The stigma against dolls is strong, and despite better AI and knowing most OF thots are married or that those PMs are from a staff of men hasn't stopped the flow of cash. The power women have over men is too strong for all or, half, or even most men to give it up. There is no magic bullet, only wishful thinking, envy, or indifference to the dating landscape.

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JPPW 1 year ago

Jordan B. Peterson is to good advice for men what a juicy, wet, chunky, voluminous SHART is to clean underwear.

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