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Jordan Peterson's Business Partners | Dr. Daniel Higgins & Dr. Robert O. Pihl | EP 328

Published on 02 Feb 2023 / In People & Blogs

Dr Jordan B Peterson, Dr. Daniel Higgins, and Dr. Robert O. Pihl discuss their early research and business ideas, the breakthroughs that led to their successes, the concept that entrepreneurial ability can be measured, and the beneficial truths that can be found in knowing yourself.

Dr. Daniel M. Higgins has a Ph.D. in Experimental Psychology from Harvard University where he studied the roles of cognitive ability and personality in predicting academic and workplace performance. With Dr Jordan B Peterson and Dr. Robert O. Pihl, he has worked towards bringing efficient and effective psychological assessments and interventions to people worldwide, most notably, through the Self Authoring and Understand Myself projects.

Robert O. Pihl is an American psychology researcher, professor, and clinician. He has worked at McGill University in Montreal, Canada since 1966, and is a fellow of the American Psychological Association and Canadian Psychological Association. Pihl has made significant contributions to the fields of clinical and health psychology in his more than 250 publications on various topics such as alcohol aggression, substance abuse, and pharmacology. In 2009, Pihl was awarded the Canadian Psychological Association's Gold Medal for Distinguished Lifetime Contributions to Canadian Psychology.

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- Chapters -

(0:00) Coming up
(1:00) Intro
(5:08) Colleagues advised Dr. Pihl against Peterson
(9:43) Researching alcoholism
(11:00) Marks of a good teacher
(18:00) Reality vs. conceptual ideas
(22:00) Why an interest in antisocial behavior?
(25:00) Alcoholism and aggression
(30:00) Dr Peterson’s Harvard Years, enter Dr. Higgins
(36:05) The power of computerized testing
(43:00) Being the Pariahs: opportunity, and exploitation
(45:00) The price you pay for integrity
(50:00) The debate over IQ testing
(55:00) Abstraction and questioning
(59:50) Predicting industrial performance
(1:05:01) Commodifying research
(1:08:00) The Debbie effect, dealing with HR
(1:09:45) Consensus over logic, fallacy of the masses
(1:13:00) Testing for business acumen
(1:19:40) Selfauthoring, a breakdown for your betterment
(1:23:00) Retooling and bureaucratic idiocy
(1:25:40) Understand Yourself: sales and feedback
(1:28:00) Re-living pain to work through it
(1:31:45) Shifting strategies: applying what you’ve learned
(1:36:00) Tech incubators: scams and hype
(1:40:02) Integrity of purpose
(1:42:16) Customers: corporations vs. individuals
(1:46:20) When you become the employee
(1:48:02) The user experience, the power in reciprocity
(1:53:00) The next phase of The Selfauthoring Program
(1:56:03) The right way to hire
(1:59:23) Peterson University, upcoming lectures

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