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Joe Biden Goes Full Creep With Young Boy

Published on 15 May 2024 / In Entertainment

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Toki 28 days ago

Yeah he's gay alright. You can just tell. Personally I find the attire of these elites to be gay anyways. Fake shoulderpads lol. What a bunch of pussies. Due to truly being pampered women living in luxury they need shoulderpads to make up for the lack of shoulders.
I don't trust anyone who wears clothes like this. Or women's tight pants, corsets, makeup, etc.
Suits and makeup to me are such obvious signs of a selfish con artist. Sure Trump is funny but I don't need a leader at all. His security detail doesn't care about me. The cops work for him, not me. He may be the turd sandwich option vs a piece of shit. But it's still a turd in a suit who doesn't work like a man. Like a true man who doesn't need shoulderpads and has muscles instead of pig belly. Then thinking of his businesses and employees. All the men who work there. Most of them are probably poor due to low wages just like anywhere else. While he's taking company profits and renting Stormy D's V which is disgusting simp behavior. Also what about the wife? See? The marriage is just for image. Because they are all liars. Just saying. Like the Clintons all over again.
I only respect other working men who work. True work. Something useful that isn't just taking credit for other peoples' suffering doing real work. I don't need leaders to dictate my life and take a cut of my work. I'm a rare breed that doesn't create debts though. Or cause any problems because going anywhere is depressing even in Trump's America. Doing anything requires money. Which requires work. That of which requires getting fleeced to pay for the King's prostitute who ends up MeToo'ing him. Doesn't matter who it is. Trump should stick to TV and use his influence to create amusing American media ent to compete against the garbage nobody wants to watch. He could be part of the writing team. I don't need Gov for anything because men will fix the roads because it has to get done and will be more efficient in a free economy without taxation. We wouldn't have as many criminals without Daddy Welfare State. Women would have to be responsible with sex and not just playing around for fun hustling multiple Jons at once. What do you need a president for? Daddy issues? It makes sense for women because Daddy provides but I'll never understand why the average man would want Gov at all. I just assume only women vote. Not like they count it anyways. They can't even count 50 votes without some human fraud because the species is too corrupt thanks to years of being groomed by Gov overlords who are the most corrupt. They can't even count 50 votes without an AI assistance program today. The world is now too big for the concept of elections anyways. There's no way they could count all the good little obedient voters today who want to be subjugated by Evil nature. The vote counters of course have a bias and I assume most counters are females wanting socialism. The entire time the two parties for votes are one in the same using a simple two color trick to fool NPCs. It's acting. That's why Trump is good at it. He's an actor. Stick to acting though if you want my money. I can choose to spend to support you. Not be forced to pay for your Tweet breaks that sadly get deleted. It's part of the act to give the red side some hope. Have you not caught onto the act yet? I remember seriously having suspicions seeing coverage of the Bush election where suddenly Florida found votes or whatever. Not like I had any stakes or side in the matter back then or today. It's just a game show for NPCs. It was too obvious how it works with that Florida flip event. I figured that out when I was younger and way less intelligent/wise. I never voted once from what I can recall. I don't phone in on American Idol either. Maybe if we had a 'waifu of the day' vote I would be motivated. But why would I willingly ask to be enslaved by voting for Gov? Our ancestors fled from all over the world to escape to early America where Kings and Queens didn't exploit the average folks. Kicked out the redcoats who are basically cops, secret service, army, FBI, navy of the time. Then made the same mistake all over again. "Let's create a new Gov because I'm an NPC who can't think for myself like a moral rational adult."

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