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Published on 30 Jul 2020 / In Other

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Go your own way guys...

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Pale_Profit 7 days ago

This is funny and disturbing as hell

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Us secular jews have always said that ultra orthodox chassidics are mentally ill.

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I had a bris when I was a child but not the ultra orthodox jewish way because our family was never chassidic.

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Councilof1 12 days ago

I'm all for religion but there comes a point you have to balance religion with reason. Modern surgical technique is a good thing. I read about this sometime ago it still blows my mind.

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abderrahmane 12 days ago

the problem here is that Circumcision is actually a good thing, and it's done in pretty much every religion.
however the way that jewish people do it is bad because back at the day there was no surgical instruments and people didn't realise the danger in sucking babies penises, but now technology have devoleped and it necassary to do Circumcision in a surgical manner, or otherwise the dangers might such as above, even if it means abonding tradition, i mean the protestant church in russia also used to do that, but after a spike in std and herpes cases, the goverment issued a law to stop it.

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mrghoster 12 days ago

That guy in the car, typical brainwashed religious type, copping out by saying ask a Rabbi? If I sucked a baby boy off and spouted tradition and superstition I would be a Pedophile? the whole thing is sick. i believe it is usual for boys to be chopped Jewish or not in America, Is that True? the foreskin is the most sensuous part of a mans Penis it is what makes sex great and gives that special feeling? I'm surprised there are as many Jew's about as there are! lol!

Sex cant be very exciting or feely as it is for us other guy's? Just look at the mess the world is in with no Feeling or compassion, because it's run by barbaric JEW's?

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BitHound 12 days ago

So let me get this straight, first the Rabbi cuts off the tip then sucks the babies penis......... Isn't that called child molestation?

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BitEth 12 days ago

No, this is perfectly normal in their community. The moil sucks away the blood after he circumsizes the male. Yeah. Makes no sense to me. Is that a brain failure?

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Mi_donkey 12 days ago

It's crazy to think this form of child abuse, rape and torture is perfectly legal in today's society. We will never have world peace as long as this continues. Societies that allow circumcision are violent societies, because circumcision makes men violent. It's why the middle east and Africa are violent places.

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Goat37436 12 days ago

This probably the only thing I agree with the alt right about when it comes to jews

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