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Published on 05 Aug 2020 / In People & Blogs

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Hi Everyone Sandman Here,

This video is brought to you by a donation from Antonio. He wanted to do a podcast with me about his experiences with women and other things. So that's what we did. Before I get to our chat let me first tell everyone about today's sponsor The Brave Browser: Anyways, here's our discussion. Enjoy!

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AntiCuck1982 2 months ago

Wow this world is fucked up ... not that i didnt know all of that but wow.....

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DutchCobbler 2 months ago

Funny that I hear this guy talking up Japanese women the same I've heard men talk up Colombian women, Thai women, Russian women, etc....etc...

Maybe American women, being probably more feminist and empowered than any women in human history, are just more inclined to dropping the façde and cutting to the point a lot faster. Women playing at being demure, women pretending to be interested in men as human beings instead of human doings, women acting "traditional", all of whom seem to come from places abroad are not as privileged as American women and still have to play the game a little better than fat, self-absorbed, self-obsessed American women.

Just maybe, in America, the game is so rigged women don't have to try that hard to win.

Copypasted here because fuck Disqus.

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Mgtow_ghost 2 months ago

great video tho

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RoboCat 2 months ago

As a grand-scale weeb-lord, I can confidently state that women in japan are better in some ways but much worse in others. They are at bare minimum less of a clusterfuck, having their lives in order, making far superior mothers and keeping their bodies intact more so than 'western women'. Unfortunately they're also extremely cutthroat due to very advanced/tactical hypergamy. They are utter traitors that will also be massively demanding to men at the same time that they're actively betraying them. True slave drivers that will never have any emotional investment in their partner.
Whether this is an upgrade is a matter of perspective, personally I will never get involved with any woman again but some guys think NAWALTs exist. They have wasted their time.

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One_Ronin 2 months ago

Two words, legalize it. Make it safe for everyone, tax it. Everyone wins!

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JMGTOW 2 months ago

NAWALTS DOES NOT EXIST! Especially not in Japan, a first world country where women have rights.

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Hammerhead69 2 months ago

Even Japanese women can make you miserable ask RPM. Nobita has women on his vids youtube and they are just as heinous as our girls just more patient before springing the trap.

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ancientsea 2 months ago

The MGTOW community places a premium on the understanding of female nature, and this is fine. I suspect that this remedial understanding is receives as a form of, ''forbidden fruit''. The aspect of this equation that males do not appreciate is the painful fact that females already have 'locked-upon' a males' nature and exploit it to their benefit.
I recall a conversation I entered with a friend of mine, this conversation was years ago. The ''gist'' of our talk was centered around the headaches we had experiences with a specific serious g/f'. After comparing notes my buddy concluded and commented, "there must be a College somewhere teaching girls the same plays''. In fact these experiences reflect that females are playing to specific weaknesses [ a mans' heel] and so have a well developed understanding of male nature...and the unapologetic desire to exploit that male nature.

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Hexeze 2 months ago

Wrong they all use the same basic generic generic taticts. Bait and switch, gaslighting, shaming etc. Only weak men care about women's silly games

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