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January 17th planned protest it's a setup!

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Published on 11 Jan 2021 / In Travel & Events

I'm sorry for the bad audio but this needed to get out quick.
do not come to the capitals arm they are waiting for you that's the excuse that they want don't give it to them.
they want you to bring your weapons so they can use it against you and they will.
Gandhi changed the whole world. do that through peace.
let the goal of 2021 be that no more lives are lost for people who never cared about us in the first place.

please give peace a chance I know it's a played out stupid saying but please try it first. optics are everything. these people control what you see and you know what they can make a simple church gathering into a violent event you've seen it before don't tell me you haven't forgotten what happened all summer long.

show America show everyone what America is all about that we are a peaceful loving people and we want peace justice and prosperity.

don't let the evil sink into your heart.. you never come back. if you're going to participate I beg you to come in peaceful prayer.

sometimes the loudest voice can be the voice of God which can be heard everywhere let him speak through you.


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JMGTOW 5 days ago

even if you were there peacefully, their actors will incite violence and claim to be alt-right. just don't play their game....

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SQUEAK077 6 days ago

Terrence Popp was there waiting for his upload on things. If trump did follow history thomas jefferson went through the same thing there is a great website i found on american ride.

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