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James O'Keefe SLAMS The Corrupt Establishment, Vows To Empower YOU To Expose Corruption

Published on 01 Jun 2023 / In News & Politics

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WMHarrison94 4 months ago

It sounds like the problem is lawyers like maybe we need to limit suits to prevent superfluous suits and suing people for a quote? WTF? Shoot the damn lawyers for that one! At the least, start disbarring them and firing and disbarring the law schools teachers and presidents teaching this shit! WTF man!? I hold the educational standard (for MEN) citizens that every citizen should be educated enough to defend themselves in court. The Left uses the courts and bought DAs and judges to get away with well murder and all sorts of fun crimes. Start fucking killing for bribery! Those doing the bribing and those receiving the bribes!! Unfortunately, people do not do shit until their ass is about to be killed... that's the Left's lackadaisical nature they taught us!

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sauger1001 4 months ago

Now you see why Veritas is trying to shut him down. The "board" tried to shut down O'Keefe by kicking him out. Seems they "expanded" him instead.

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