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It`s YouTube Purge Day! - MGTOW

Published on 11 Dec 2019 / In Film & Animation



Brave Browser:

Hi Everyone Sandman Here,

Today is December 10th and YouTube's new policies come into effect. So at any moment they could start yanking channels down because they aren't commercially viable. As this channel was fully demonitized in June that might put me on the chopping board. What I'd suggest you guys do is support Bitchute if you can. I just became a Silver Sponsor for ten bucks a month and paid up six months in advance to get a Bitchute mug. Bitchute has 2 full time staff and they are taking on YouTube a file sharing platform with tens out thousands of employees and billions of dollars backing them. Thanks to Bitchute I got six thousand views on that platform yesterday and just passed 13,000 subscribers and am now gaing more subs there than on YouTube each month. I put a link to my channel down below. I'm not asking for money. Just your subscription. If you can donate now try supporting bitchute because at this point your favorite edgy content creators could be gone from YouTube tomorrow and Bitchute will be your lifeboat to critical thinking. Without the content there, or here if you're watching this on Bitchute it's hard to make sense of what's going on in clown world these days. If you like MGTOW content only then I also put a link to MGTOW.tv in the description. You can subscribe there as well. TFM, Myself, Hammerhand, The Rare Breed Theory and many others are over there posting their content. If YouTube shuts us down Bitchute is the backup. If Bitchute goes down then we have MGTOW.tv. After that I'll create a website if I have no other choice. But we've found a new home with Bitchute and we have to try to keep it up and running. They need $30,000 a month to create streaming services, improve their search function and possibly start selling and serving advertising. If you can't support Bitchute download the Brave Browser and you will automatically send them Basic Attention Token every month and you won't have to do anything and they will receive crypto. I put a link to the Brave Browser in the description. Let's see what happens and hopefully YouTube won't purge everyone. But it's not a bad idea to be prepared. Anyways, enjoy the rest of your day and cheers!

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AMNAT 4 years ago

BitChute is a larger platform with a better format and more people, but sadly it's overrun by toxic Neo-Nazis. Though I suppose it wouldn't hurt for me to expand to there to mirror my stuff if I can make some money doing it.

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I only produce or post / repost content on Instagram nevertheless I'm advising every redpiller to come to Mgtow Tv AND BITCHUTE. FOR me these two platforms are by far the best ones. It's better to centralise the content than to have it dispersed on gab, minds and freedom social. This way all information is gathered in 2 or 3 spaces mostly.
Stay strong Mgtow brothers... 2020 is coming

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Navigator_of_none 4 years ago

It is unfortunate that many youtubers are still clinging to it despite it's abuses.
I think they are afraid to lose their "subscriber base" when in reality their sub count/views ratio are abysmal.

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VulcanCannon 4 years ago

Love your work Sandman !!!

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