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It’s OVER for Zelensky as Putin REFUSES to negotiate Ukraines surrender with a dictator. Redacted

Published on 22 May 2024 / In News & Politics

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Ukraine's President Zelensky is officially a dictator now that his term has expired and he cancelled elections. Putin says the only way to negotiate a peace agreement is with a legitimate government and Zelensky ain't it.

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Zionist Jew Scum Putin, acts out his part with Zionist Jew Scum Zilensky, with the backing of Anthony Blinken and the rest of the Zionist Jew Scum Americans, to give the Zionist Jew Scum of Israel a NEW home when Israel decides to move... and parasite a new country.....

Now that almost all the men of the Ukraine are either dead or crippled.

Zionist Jew Scum......

And that temporary tranny faggot in the street parade and dances and bars, in case you didn't notice - there were fuck all military age men in the night clubs and on the street festival - but there were an awful lot of women.... like 6 or 7 women, to every 2 or so men....

Just do a head count...

All stage managed propaganda - courtesy the Zionist Jew Scum.

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