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It's Hammer Time! | Grunt Speak Live


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Published on 01 Nov 2022 / In Comedy

⁣Unchained Skid joins the Crazy Drunk Uncles to talk Canaduh, suspicious hammer attacks, and amnesty for Karens tonight at 8pm Eastern!
#GruntSpeakLive #Canaduh #HammerTime
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LucianCross 11 months ago

As a Canadian old enough to remember it, I can confirm private ownership of automatic rifles was quite normal even in the parts of Canada "similar" to New York.
I know this because my godfather taught me how to shoot. First with a handgun, then eventually his other rifles.

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Corvus 11 months ago

@Moisture_Patrol: Googling it right now.

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DooM_Dude 11 months ago

Go Phillies in the World Series!

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BH206L3 11 months ago

Well its Rifle Deer Season were I live!

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Moisture_Patrol 11 months ago

GG guys.

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