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Israel reportedly knew of Hamas attack plan year ahead & did nothing about it

Published on 01 Dec 2023 / In News & Politics

According to the New York Times, Israeli officials were warned about detailed plans for a major attack by Hamas more than one year before the October 7th raid. The question of why they didn’t do anything to prevent the bloodshed remains open 


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usr6874038614 3 months ago

Come on people, use your brain, this doesn't surprise me at all.
Israel wants the exclusive right to the Gaza oil and gas field, instead of sharing it 40-60. They can not just empty Gaza of all people because of political backlash on the international scene. So what did Mossad come up with? Allow Hamas to prepare a big attack under their watchful eye, and after it happens destroy everything and everyone in there. Saves Israel's face, because it is now "self defense", right? Typical secret service scheme if there ever was one.
((Innocent lives are worth nothing to them, bringing them on the same level as terrorist organizations; nothing good ever comes from those people)
Excellent and very plausible incentive, no?

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