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Israel and Palestine: A Religion of War | Live From The Lair

Terrence Popp
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Published on 23 May 2021 / In News & Politics

⁣The Religion of Peace sure seems to love war. So does Israel. Why are we giving them money again?
#Israel #Palestine #ReligionofWar

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SIGMA78 15 days ago

The original Israelites were purged from Israel thousands of years ago by the romans and the Persians especially the satanic conspirators from Assyria, Babylon and Mesopotamia, which of the three of the civilizations were satanic worshipers who invented the pentagram, worshiped Moloch, Baphomet especially Hamba and Zozo aka Pazuzu.

In layman‘s terms satanists took over ancient Israel and infiltrated judaism with their zionist movement. A satanist in jew’s clothing is what Zionists truly are.

The real jews don’t exist anymore.

The original satanists IE the Assyrians, Mesopotamians and Babylonians invented satanism, Thus the satanists created zionism...Hence the Zionists founded the Rothschilds, The Rothschilds started the deep state. And finally their two descendants of their rothchild bloodline IE Alastor Crowley and Anton Lavey who’re really who introduced their zionist deep state ideology IE Satanism to the public as part of their globalist agenda.

Satanism is the new world order....Because If they have their way in succeeding in their agenda. Then we’d be living under a satanic world government and trust me none of us wants not even the average satanist would ever want to live in that terrible horrifying tyrannical distopian nightmare 1,000,000X worse than what China or nazi Germany did to people...

Like Ex-satanists are trying to warn others about that and about the fact that after they die either from demonic attacks that turn out fatal or of any other reasons.
After a satanist dies, they’re totally screwed Because the demon had no good intentions for the satanist from the beginning.

The instant that death is near for a demon worshiper, Demons will instantly show their true colors to the satanist. Of course they’ll lie their asses of to the satanists about this question which after all is said and done...the satanists are dragged into the hell dimensions against their own will by the same demon they worked with.....Satanism is thee (BIG LIE) and a dangerous spiritual scam for your soul.....It’s only real purpose is to deceive people into joining the New world order.

It’s really sad that many satanists are constantly douped and lied to by demons not knowing that the demons don’t truly care about them either. That the demons only see satanists or those planning to join satanism as blind useful pawns in their new world order scheme where they can easily play them as blind enablers for their agenda.

Which they’ve been trying to corrupt cultures with satanic ideologies to make most of the remaining 500 million people into satanists after UN agenda2030 in their one world agenda for that same reason.

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Freeballstits 28 days ago

dont forget to go for a run

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FeWolf 28 days ago

Arab discrimination and abuse against Palestinians since 1948

All Arab countries except Jordan:

Palestinians are not allowed to become citizens of Arab countries, in accordance with Arab League Decree 1547 for 1959, "in order to preserve the Palestinian entity and Palestinian identity." Even in Jordan they can no longer become citizens. (There have been some exceptions: Palestinian Christians in Lebanon in the 1950s, Palestinians born from Egyptian mothers in 2011.)

Palestinians face severe travel restrictions throughout the Arab world. They do not receive passports and their travel documents are only accepted by a few countries.

Palestinians cannot vote or run for office in national elections.

Children born to Palestinians do not get citizenship in their host countries, violating Article 7 of the Convention on the Rights of the Child.


1967: Jordan refused to allow Gazans who came after the Six Day War to become Jordanian citizens. Today some 165,000 Palestinians in Jordan cannot become citizens and get no government services.

1970: 3500-5000 Palestinians killed and 20,000 Palestinians expelled, their camps demolished, in the Black September events.

1988: Jordan revoked citizenship for millions of West Bank Palestinians as they declared "independence." As usual, this move was justified as being for their own good.

2010: Jordan continued to revoke citizenship for thousands more Palestinians

2012: Jordan passed an electoral law that effectively limits the number of Palestinian members of Parliament to less than 10%

2013: Jordan places Palestinian refugees from Syria in special camps that they cannot leave, separate from other refugees, and turns hundreds or thousands back to a dangerous future in Syria.

2014: Palestinians who are citizens are still denied equal rights in the military, and on getting college scholarships and being admitted to some public universities, among other areas.

2016: Jordan puts new restrictions on Gazans wishing to travel through, blocking applications.


1948: Placed all Palestine refugees that reached Egypt into camps, forced men to go back to Palestine to fight.

1949: Expelled all Palestinian from Egyptian camps into Gaza. Very few Palestinian Arabs were left in Egypt.

1950: Egypt refused any UNRWA presence on its territory, relegating it to Gaza.

1949 - 1956: Any Palestinians in Egypt were barred from schooling and employment.

1970s: Palestinians who were treated equally under Nasser are officially classified as "foreigners" and lose access to Egyptian social and food subsidy programs. Most jobs are closed off to them along with university education.

2013: Hundreds of Palestinian refugees from Syria placed into jail as they try to enter Egypt

2013-now: Egypt has effectively closed the Rafah border with Gaza, even limiting hospital patients from traveling, effectively imprisoning 1.7 million Gazans.

2015: Egypt refuses to allow Syrian Palestinians to register with UNHCR, meaning that any who manage to make it to Egypt cannot get any services or residency permits. There have also been deportations of Palestinians from Syria.


1950-58: Would only issue one-way travel documents for Palestinians to leave the country

1962: Palestinians classified as "foreigners":
73 job categories banned for Palestinians until 2010; now there are "only" 50 jobs off limits
They are still banned from working as physicians, journalists, pharmacists or lawyers.
They are not permitted to build new houses or own property, or even to repair their homes
Martial law imposed on refugee camps. Army stops people from entering and exiting.
Limitations on schools for Palestinian "foreigners"
Not allowed to live outside refugee camps, which in turn are not allowed to grow. Population of camps is now triple capacity.
Palestinians not allowed to create organizations.

1975-78: At least 5000 Palestinians killed in Lebanese civil war

1985-88: Thousands killed in "War of the Camps"

1995: Law prohibiting Palestinians from entering country without a visa; and visas weren't issued. Those expelled from Gulf states could not return to Lebanon. (Law repealed in 1999.)

2005: Specific laws prohibiting foreigners who are not "nationals of a recognized state" - Palestinians - from owning property. Those who owned it previously cannot pass it to their children.

2007: 31,000 Palestinians homeless because while Lebanese Army destroyed Nahr el Bared camp

2013: Some 50,000 refugees from Syria treated differently from other Syrian refugees; expensive temporary short-term visas effectively make them criminals

2013: Lebanon starts turning some Palestinian Syrian refugees away at the border

May 2014: restrictions placed on the ability of Palestinians from Syria to legally renew their residency papers. 

2015: Palestinians can only stay in Lebanon for nine hours, and they must have visas for a third country.


1991: 400,000 Palestinians were harassed and forced out of the country.


1994-5: Expelled 30,000 Palestinians, dismissed many from their jobs and confiscated their houses
Arab countries refused to take in the new refugees. Hundreds were stranded in the desert or the sea. Eventually Libya allowed some to stay but kept threatening to expel them again. In the end about 15,000 were forced to go to Arab countries they had documents for, Gulf countries, and Western nations.

2011: Palestinians were forced to pay a special tax of $1550.

2012: Many Palestinians lost their homes as properties were claimed by others in the wake of the revolution and the collapse of the judicial system.

2014: Banned Palestinians from entering in what is billed as a temporary move, because they say Palestinians are involved in terror groups.


Early 1950s: Expelled striking Palestinian workers, along with Saudi Arabia and Libya..

2005: After Saddam Hussein lost power, Palestinians in Iraq were subjected to abduction, hostage-taking, killing and torture from armed groups. Politicians derided them. About 15,000 were forced to leave Iraq. Thousands were stranded in camps in the desert between Iraq and Syria, where no Arab country would allow them to enter.

2015: Shiites in Iraq are torturing Palestinians and forcing them to confess to terrorism charges. Now about 19,000 out of 25,000 have been forced to leave Iraq.


1994: Refused to grant Palestinians work visas.


1970:  Palestinians cannot vote, cannot run for office, cannot own farmland, cannot own more than one property..

2005-2008: Syria did not allow thousands of Palestinian Arab refugees fleeing from Iraq to enter the country.

2012-today: Some 2600 Palestinians killed so far in Syria's war. About 50 have starved to death as forces cut off all food and water to the Yarmouk camp.

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doczg88 28 days ago

Are Americans even aware that the most responsible group of people for all of this today are US J people? They are the CIA/NSA/FBI and Special Forces of the Left. Without their brains and money extreme left coudn't subvert America from within. This is a fact. Just google it and see wikipedia early life section of the "White" people that are in positions of power and doing everything they can to destroy America.

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Johnny_Cage 27 days ago

Yep. But users like "Duugus" below would try to guilt you into aligning with their pro-Israel stance.

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Mike 29 days ago

There is no middle ground in this conflict. You are either for or against one of the sides.

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Duugus 29 days ago

God bless you, Popp. You did your best, but you failed. The key to understanding this is you said," the jews took away Israel from the Palestinians". Uh, Popp, the Jews are Israelis. It was their land when the Romans kicked them out of their own country. The "Jews" just took it back from the Arabs, Egyptians and Ottoman Turks. Their homeland, The Philistines or Palestinians as the Romans called them have been squatting since 70AD. Just sayin'

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bluewaters 29 days ago

Palestinian and ISraeli DNA is virtually indistinguishable in many cases do some research that might suprise you as it did me

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Johnny_Cage 27 days ago

Philistines have had that land since millenia before the birth of Jesus. They're in the Old Testament for God's sake. Just claiming land from Roman times because you briefly held is not a convincing strategy. But colonial powers got away with it, so I guess it stands.

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tcb221 29 days ago

2 Minutes in and you are factual inaccurate.
Never has been a country called Palestine, and never people that were called Palestinians until the modern State of Israel was created. The land was owned by Britain who gave it over for a Jewish homeland in wait for it, Judea.
It was called the Palestinian Mandate because Britain didn't want to deal with violent Arabs.
The "Palestinians" left on their own because they knew a war was coming and were not allowed back in because you know, terrorism.
And it was the UN that created the Jewish State.
These Arabs were given Gaza in a Peace deal and they used it to attack Israel.

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thisisamgtowaccount 29 days ago

I'm not a fan of Islam. All Abrahamic religions are intent on world domination. That being said, Judaism seems to be the most disgustingly barbaric and warmongering of the lot. The complete destruction of the fictitious state of Israel would be a beautiful thing. Trying to accomplish that without massive carnage of innocent Palastineans seems impossible though, especially when Israelis are supported by their "goyem" in the USA.

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bluewaters 29 days ago

one thing for sure is the situation is a mess

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InfiniteMushroom 29 days ago

Of course, We Teh Sheep are ONLY allowed to hear the Jewish side of the story. Jews are expert liars and they are the embodiment of Proverbs 6:16-19. Not even Exodus is true and to grasp that blows away everything that the Jews claim about themselves. Dare to realize how and why the Bible was compiled and by whom (crypto-Jews). Once the Bible is discredited, then Jews are left totally out in the open and defenseless.

I'm NOT MUSLIM but, a White Racialist who has no fear of defending the only legally persecuted group in the West (Straight White Men especially) AND pointing out that THE JEWS are OPENLY calling for ***White Genocide***. That said, I can totally support the following prophecy in the Muslim hadith:

Sahih Muslim Book 041, Hadith Number 6985

"Abu Huraira reported Allah's Messenger as saying: "The Last Hour will not come until the Muslims fight against the Jews and the Muslims kill them to the extent that the Jews will hide behind a rock or a tree and the rock or the tree will say:
O' Muslim, servant of Allah, there is a Jew behind me; come and kill him. But the Gharqad tree ( Boxthorn tree) will not say that because it is the tree of the Jews."

   3    0
InfiniteMushroom 29 days ago

@hqwebsite: Interesting information on the Boxthorn tree; especially the chemical analysis of the leaves. As for the Hadith in question, I'm sure that there is a metaphor at work and the actual tree itself symbolizes something else. I have no doubt that a rabbi would dismiss the hubbub over the Gharqad tree and point out that there are fruit trees and cedars that represent far greater value and the Gharqad tree is not mentioned in Judaism. Doesn't matter. The main point is to NAME THE JEW and aggressively prosecute (((THEM))) as they have done to their White victims!

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hqwebsite 29 days ago

@InfiniteMushroom: A quote by Bernard of Clairvaux: "Trees and stones will teach you what you cannot learn from masters."

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bluewaters 29 days ago

I am not defending anyone but for my own knowledge how did you come to the conclusion that the exodus chapter was falsified, any source? I know the bible was altered but it isn't difficult so see which parts were and to realize that some good advice and nuggets can be taken out of something.

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InfiniteMushroom 28 days ago

@bluewaters: True but, with Christianity and the Bible, there are just too many (((TARES))) to make it worth the trouble to sort out what little Wheat you get. What source would you recognize? Therein lies the problem. To use the Bible as it's own source is classic circular reasoning. I go by what the Jews have done, century after century. The Jews wrote Exodus as a victim narrative. I am no longer persuaded that the Jews were oppressed and that the Egyptians just gave away their possessions as the Jews left. If anything, the Jews stole Egypt's wealth through Jewish debt tricks. Not sure what Pharaoh did but, the terrors visited upon Egypt was an orchestrated effort by Jews (under direction of Moses) to make the Egyptians pay up or more terrors would continue. I'm pretty sure that Moses was well versed in the cult of Pharaoh Akhenaten and learned the black magic of that cult. The Jews did, indeed, get kicked out but, not until after they robbed Egyptians of their goods. The Jewish victim story just doesn't hold water compared to how Jews have abused and robbed their hosts over the many centuries. HELL... we see it ALL AROUND US in ZOG-U.S.A!!!

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bluewaters 27 days ago

@InfiniteMushroom: The Jews today are almost nothing like those people of the past who were the tribes of Israel, not genetically nor spiritually. Jews today as a whole are drifting into the synogogue of satan. They were only on of the tribes and they are diluted and basically today have little resemblance to the tribe of Judah. God left them to decay but I imagine their is a plan to cull the herd or reform them or cleanse them so that only the good of them survive. Thats what happened at exodus, the evil ones died in the desert once left Egypt went to the sinai and then saudi arabia then Jordan thats why took 40 years to get to the Palestine area. They werent lost in the wilderness but God intentionally kept them like that.

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96d4hs9 29 days ago

Both sides need more bacon

   6    1
sauger1001 29 days ago

Even though the Fatah party is politically in charge, it's Hamas whose running the show, and started the (propaganda/hot) war.

   2    0
nexus1961 29 days ago

You know, this is bullshit, total non-equivalence here, I don't see the JDF launching attacks into Gaza, just retaliation for the Ham-assholes shooting their katushya rockets into civilian areas, then the fucking jihadfis acting shit-shocked when the Israelis bomb the shit out of them, Fuck the Pallies (who are MOSTLY Jordanians!) into Hell.

   1    2
nexus1961 28 days ago

I notice with disgust that neither of the asshats that downvoted me bothered to offer a differing opinion.. fuck off, cowards.

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sauger1001 29 days ago

Before there was "Palestine", there was Philistia. Think Samson and Delilah, David and Goliath, etc.

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HanLockhart 29 days ago

Very informative. Cheers.

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hqwebsite 29 days ago

Come on Popp! Open up the map. You misspelled a lot of city names. Ask Blake for help.

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wigglewagon 29 days ago

Popp has lysdexia. sexdaily. dislexya. However its spelled. He has that.

   1    0

@wigglewagon: dislexia or dislexya

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Mustang 29 days ago

Pray for the peace of Jerelusem.

   1    1
InfiniteMushroom 29 days ago

I pray for the peace of White Europe. Jerusalem is one of the primary Disease Vectors of toxic Zionism and Jewish hatred of Whites. Jerusalem is a demonic idol of the stupid Shabbos Goyim which populate ZOG America's dead churches.

   2    1
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