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Is Tim Pool A MGTOW?

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Published on 21 Sep 2021 / In People & Blogs

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Hi Everyone Sandman Here,

This video is brought to you by a donation from Charles. He didn't give me a topic so I wanted to discuss Tim Pool and the possibility that he's going his own way. A while back I received an email from someone watching the Timcast IRL show where he was on with Mikhaila Peterson, Jordan Peterson's daughter and he mentioned on the show out of no where that the MGTOW subreddit had been banned in passing. Both Lydia Smith, one of his regular co-hosts and Mikhaila said of that's too bad or something along those lines. Most likely just humoring him while laughing like a Banchees on the inside that men going their own way lost their voice. Tim might have been trying to push Mikhaila's buttons because her father took an Anti-MGTOW stance calling us weasels probably to shame us for not staying on the plantation. There's a chance Tim was trying to get Peterson's opinion out through her. Also I made a video criticizing her for chasing a bad boy alpha while her ex at the time that she had a kid with was a skinny guy that was busy doing a huge chunk of the work for she was in charge. Last I heard they got back together. Tim Pool has mentioned before that he's been looking for a traditional arrangement in a relationship where there would be a traditional division of labor. The woman would take care of the house and kids and he would bring home the bacon. He's a workaholic and doesn't have the means to raise a
family with regards to time because of his workload. But he has the financial means. It's not just producing his many videos a day which probably takes about four to five hours. But it's also all the prep and research and surfing the web for hours on end each day looking for newsworthy stories and content. The MGTOW subbreddit did a lot of work for me and maybe he pulled some stories about female nature from there as well? The guys that send me topics and donations also do work for me by writing and coming up with something for me to discuss. But with Tim he's got to choose which stories are going to be popular and which ones won't. There's an art to picking the right story. So at this point you're asking yourself why the hell am I covering Tim Pool the beanie bandit? Is it because of the social proof of him mentioning MGTOW on his show? Is it the proof that a single man can accomplish more than a married man ever could when you look at the hundred million views he gets a month? I guess you'll here about that in just a sec but let me first tell everyone about today's sponsor The MGTOW Book Collection: Anyways, now back to the Tim Pool getting married and having plenty of Beanie Babies clown world show. I can only speculate about his motives. Clearly he doesn't care about presenting himself the way the opposite sex wants him to. He seems to wear the exact same clothes each day. I'm sure there's a closet full of the same exact shirts in there that he rotates in and out of. I heard that Einstein did that to save on mental processing power so he didn't have think about what he was going to wear each day. Most married guys get nagged so much that they can no longer think about what they are going to wear anymore that their wife ends up dressing them like a Ken Doll. There is a lot of speculation out there that he's together with Lydia his co-host but she has said many times that she and Tim are not an item. He's mentioned that he's looking for a woman so clearly that's not her. But maybe he's not and he's content being single and going his own way. But he can't exactly tell everyone he's going his own way or it's going to alienate a huge chunk of his fan base. They will say aha I knew it Tim hates women. A female co-host like Lydia would make a great shield to guard against attacks from women claiming just that. If that's the case then he's very smart implementing a policy like that. I would do the exact same thing because the ambiguity of his working relationship with her keeps people guessing. He also always mentions our place and we are go shopping. But I've never heard him say who we are. It's brilliant.

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NoFemVAL 27 days ago

Tim Pool requires female validation. FACT.

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Hairy Monkey
Hairy Monkey 27 days ago

I remember in another podcast Tim Pool said he's a girlfriend, upon being "quasi-proposed" by one of the female guests.
As per MGTOW and some women, they simply (wrongly) think they (MGTOW) are losers.

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AtillaTheHung 27 days ago

I'm not a big fan of Tim Pool because he really doesn't know anything but has an opinion about everything. He reminds me of a guy whose house is on fire but wants to argue about the consistency of the smoke while doing nothing.

   2    0
FL_Steve 28 days ago

No. Just a fence sitting homo.

   2    1
csehszlovakze 28 days ago

Probably not. He surrounds himself with eerily similar looking women (including his rumored girlfriend, check kiwifarms), and he's demanding that they all live with him. And don't even get me started on his raging zionism...

   2    2
csehszlovakze 26 days ago

"cohens" started to downvote me LMAO

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Penisy 28 days ago

He will claim he's not, but he clearly is headed into this direction.

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Mgvember 28 days ago

We really doing this...?

Sitting on our hands, speculating, hoping some famous person goes MGTOW?

Y'know there's another set of letters that did just that, when they started.

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Creampieminator 28 days ago

tim pool is overrated. his self-censoring habits are disgusting. as TFM says, he stopped bringing anything new to the table for some time already...

   5    0

Yeah I think the self censoring was based mostly to do with the PooTube platform breathing down everyones necks.... I myself just got a bit tired of the rabbitting on and on and on and on - when he could have gotten to the point with a little illustrating of the surrounding issues, a lot faster, rather than dragging it out to fill the time slot....

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Penisy 28 days ago

He clearly does it because of the ad revenue, and he could possibly be doing it also because he gets more views on YouTube, he has an alternative website that he uses for his paying customers and it's also as a backup when the day finally meets him when they ban him off of YouTube, right now it's just a just in case. but for the most part like most people they stay on YouTube because of the money that they can earn through the ad revenue. That's why better bachelor didn't take his stuff off of YouTube, up until recently of course. he started to realize even though he played their stupid word games where he censored himself, that they would still demonetize him and derank his channel, and if he still wanted to earn that big chunk of earnings, that he would have to do it through some other platform. I wish he promoted this platform, but the reason why he didn't do that for this platform was because somebody here criticized him on one of his videos, so he didn't feel like he wanted to put his videos on this website even though this website is more than likely a site meant to preserve this type of genre. Locals.com or whatever, might be helpful now, but it may change in the future, you can never depend upon these platforms that are owned by the right wingers, because in many cases they hold much of the same politics as the left does, I would argue this one has more free speech then locals. But this one's not perfect, and people don't often want to leave the big platforms that they like because it's easier to just stay on YouTube, but when it comes to the content creators if they can't earn money because their ad revenue has been stripped, or they've been deranked or had some of their videos deleted by youtube, you now have to back it up somewhere else. But whatever it's his choice, and this site stays roughly the same when it comes to the amount of members who use it, because in most cases people go to the best platform they don't like going to the platforms that still need work they like going to the best platforms with the best systems set in place which altec can't really do on its own. Because it requires the community who use that service to pay in to keep it supported.

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csehszlovakze 28 days ago

@Life_N_Times_of_Shane_T_Hanson: I got tired of the supposed milquetoast fence sitter always blaming everything on antisemitism. His brother is kinda chill, tho.

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