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Is This Why Modern Women Are Afraid To Shoot Their Shot In 2022?

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Published on 13 May 2022 / In Entertainment

Is This Why Modern Women Are Afraid To Shoot Their Shot In 2022? Why are modern women afraid to make the first move?

#TikTok #LifeLesson #Friday13th

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Fangs13 13 days ago

for me "shooting your shot" literally means holding a gun and firing a headshot.
sorry but i do not believe in the rigged "dating" joke.

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AnonRon 13 days ago

Women that approach like this do so with the vibe of, "Your Queen deigns to speak with you so anything less than worshipful gratitude means you're probably gay"

It's ham-handed, unfeminine, entitled and very off putting. Women are absolutely clueless when it comes to seducing men because they are so used to torrents of attention from simps online and in real life. Then they enter the orbit of a high quality man and their game consists of, "I has pu$$y, yoo wan fuck?" It just get's pumped and dumped.

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Drums_McBashington 13 days ago

Should've just maintained eye contact while he rolled up his window.

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Lucifer333 12 days ago

That one would have been perfect

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sardonicsmile 14 days ago

What a cringe way to approach guy. They are both low class, to be sure. You can tell my their speech patterns and inflection.
Any man talking like that would be arrested for harassment.

...my god... if you are not over 6', then she is jist making an exception, for you.
Imagine giving your Best for something other men got for free.

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InfiniteMushroom 13 days ago

"Low class" has been normalized. It is certainly protected by the (((Civil Rights))) Mafia.

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sorearm 14 days ago

god what a crazy looking bitch

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