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Russell Brand
Russell Brand
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Published on 22 Jun 2022 / In Entertainment

As research shows that corporate price markups and profits jumped to their highest levels in seven decades last year, are we now seeing how an alliance between big business and government renders the rest of us powerless?
#globalcrisis #profits #bigbusiness

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Garfunkleyourself 6 days ago

Liberals choose the absolute worst examples of diversity possible because they actually hate everyone. "Hey guys, let's choose the worst people imaginable to represent each demographic". They chose the worst president, the worst people imaginable to represent transgenders (adult entertainment should not be for kids), the worst white people (Pelosi), black people, brown people, and everything in between. Then they lift those people above everyone else as people who are "oppressed" while bailing out actual criminals with bought-out bail bondsman. They even bash MLK! They can't tell you what a woman is!

They've forgotten there are conservative black people, brown people, white people, dual citizenship people, and even transgendered people and gay people who are conservatives. Every single one of those people were called "white supremacist's" simply because they voted for Trump. The liberal version of "diversity" is committing suicide right before your eyes. The democratic party will be the end of the democratic party.

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Toki 7 days ago

Well considering how many people have quit real jobs to play on the internet this should be no surprise. Food doesn't get delivered with Superchats. Shelves are not stocked with PayPal. And that's why I've never given money for anything on the internet unless it's a real product of use being shipped to my house.
Also people need to stop accepting the concept of management (Biden life.) Only show respect to the real workers out there who contribute to the world. For example someone like Bill Gates is not only worthless, but a plantation owner who makes a fortune off the poor. Same with entertainment though. As a movie actor you're not really working, you're playing as if still a child. Especially today with the excess of entertainment options out there. Too bad Russell (a male) can't collect money licking microphones or he would be doing that ASMR thing to avoid being a productive human being or a good wife.

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