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Is It Time To Take Women's Rights Away? - MGTOW

Published on 17 Jun 2024 / In People & Blogs

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Should Genetically Superior High-Achieving Elite Babies Take Over the Universe? | Collins Analysis

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Hi Everyone Sandman Here,

This video is brought to you by a donation from Brenton and here's what he has to say: "Hi Sandman, You might find this somewhat normie take on the pro-natalist movement interesting. I listened to your interview with Malcolm and Simone Collins and I thought it was very informative and refreshing. Maybe you could do a video on your take on what Dr. Grande thinks about them? He of course doesn't go into much detail about which cultures are declining and which are increasing." Well Brenton thanks for the donation and topic. Thanks for sending me the Dr. Grande link I've put it down below. Incase people don't know I spoke with Malcolm and Simone Collins on a couple of podcasts a while back. I first think I heard Malcolm talking to Chris Williamson and he was brilliant and I had to reach out because it's rare to talk to someone that isn't going his own way but understands it and supports it. Malcolm and his wife Simone want to have ten kids and are screening their embryos to ensure that only the best and brightest make it to the next generation. Dr. Grande thinks that if they are the best that the elites can do then the elites will be doomed to extinction. Dr. Grande speculates that Malcolm and Simone are suffering from Grandiosity or a sense of superiority. They don't suffer from thinking they are superior. They are superior. That's one of the reasons I reached out to them. I spoke to Malcolm and he understands that the biggest problem facing the human race over the next one hundred years is population collapse. I told Malcolm that the person that solves it will be remember for all time. He wants to be that person. Who doesn't? The hero that saved the human race from possible extinction and preserved civilization. The human race is facing a bottleneck of reproduction that has to do with urbanization, monocultures, loss of religion and financial success because when people make over five thousand dollars a year their fertility falls below replacement. A lot of social scientists says that fertility is falling because women are more educated, make their own money and have their own careers. People like Turd Flinging Monkey say that if we take women's rights away the fertility problem will be solve. But that's clearly not the case. As for the Collins' there's nothing wrong with Eugenics if it's done to improve the quality of the human race. I've said before that I would want to take all of the highest IQ blacks and make sure their genes became the majority because then a lot of Africa's social and financial problems would be solved. I was disappointed by Dr. Grande and thought why is he shaming them like this? They are trying something new and reproducing.

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SkullJoker 26 days ago

There's a reason the US Constitution says "All MEN are created equal."

Women are not men. They don't have rights, never have, and never will. All they have is a piece of paper and the NWO backing them up, none of it has ever been real

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sauger1001 26 days ago

4:37. "And the meek shall inherit the earth."
Mt. 5:5

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WMHarrison94 27 days ago

Yep, I look forward to somewhat widespread surrogacy, but not in the US or West... I will not be raising a slave for them. We are having population decline because the Satanic Jews are trying to end us sincecwe defeated their world domination and bring Armageddon today plans. WW1 and WW2 for sure... they spent about a century infiltrating and destroying us within our soyciety and our Jew mafia government and Pedowood, ehich I dubbed The PedoVerse. Armageddon is coming in some of our lifetimes... with Russia and China focusing on Israel Gog and Magog may be creating those cities of the dead requiring complete burials. That my friend is how you deal with Nuclear, Chemical & Biological (NBC) warfare....

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