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Is Dating 3/10s The Last Hope For Average Guys?

Published on 27 Nov 2022 / In People & Blogs

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β–¬ Contents of this video β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬

00:00 1) Why 26% Of Guys Date Down?
02:45 2) Do Lower Standards Give Control?
05:16 3) Will It Ensure She Won't Cheat?
06:45 4) Jealousy & Lack of Fulfilment?
08:30 5) What if You Find Someone Better?
10:39 6) Instead: Find Your Looksmatch?

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TripeSwing 2 months ago

I love the direct start!

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AcquireZeal 2 months ago

My experience with this has been that less attractive women are awful. Because chadrone banged them once while drunk and all the other chicks paired up while he was in the shitter, they think they're on his level, and since most dudes lack the sack to approach a knock-out, they all flirt with these girls instead, which they consider insulting. So my experiment with aiming lower was met with extremely nasty cunts, the opposite of what you'd expect.

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sardonicsmile 2 months ago

Whether you want to base your relationship on β€˜power’ or not isn’t the issue; it’s already in play from your first point of attraction.
Females settle for guys ALL the time.

"Everything is about sex and sex is about power"
-Oscar Wilde

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