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Introduction - First Video on MGTOW.TV

Published on 09 Feb 2021 / In Film & Animation

My first video upload. Thank you for having me and checking out my content. You don't have to like or sub, but I appreciate it if you do.

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CatFoodMillionaire 2 years ago

Good first video. Growing up I had no opportunity for tinkering.
Will be interesting watching your videos and you can talk about whatever during.

Do it in your own time and your own way.

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Inslayerclone 2 years ago

welcome hopefully mgtow.tv will grow

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The_King_Bee 2 years ago

sup Ivan. welcome brother. relax man. talk to us like you would a dude sharing a beer with you.

tell us what led you to go mgtow. divorce rape? paying CS? etc.

share your story so that some dude listening wint make our mistakes

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TAOGYOW 2 years ago


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