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International -mockery- and criticism of Australia is increasing- Rita Panahi

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Published on 10 Sep 2021 / In Film & Animation

WTF has happened to Australia? This is what happens when you take the spoiled lefty and feminist and give it free rule over insanity? This shit needs to STOP Globally.

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satcomer 3 months ago

Australia is lost! I blame the people whom ever voted to this authoritarian need to be called out today!

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sithsith 3 months ago

Have you seen Ghoster the crazy bitch saying the New World Order s rules are in place in Australia?
Alex Jones is absolutely right, this morherfucker want to put us into being serfs and owning the minimal to survive!!
By the way, even people who got vaxxed might survive the effects from the fake vaxx by taking ivermectin, glutathione, zinc , quinine.

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