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In desperation, Tinder creates a 'VIP' membership to crush even more men's hopes.

Published on 27 Sep 2023 / In People & Blogs

Tinder tries to milk more men out of cash, even though men have basically just quit dating.

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Liber_Mendez 10 months ago

17:08 a fuckin' midget

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Oh our STOCK PRICES are crashing,
Come on Guys - Special Deal - come give us ALL your money for our fucking retarded whores.
And keep on making us profit so we can fatten our wallets.

Fuck off Tinder - you thieving lying cunts.

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SteveOUK 10 months ago

Tinder sells "hope" to men looking for female validation. It's inherently exploitative--much like the adoption process forcing people to pay out the nose and jump thru hoops for years on end before getting a "no!" at any moment, turning all that work into waste.

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Dutch Cobbler
Dutch Cobbler 10 months ago

This is literally modern dating and marriage; hope, permission, failure, ruin.

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WMHarrison94 10 months ago

It's designed that way: They want to kill the vast majority of us. Their Atlanta Guidestone said so, but they had to destroy that evidence...

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I don't chase women - because aside from the fuck to perpetuate the species - I don't want to be around most of them and most of them are not that interesting.

Gossips are tedious low IQ shits.

Group Think packs of retards, are just retards.

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saaralgris 10 months ago

$500/mo? I'm in tears over here from laughing so much

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