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Implications for Islam of US Defeat in Afghanistan Lahore Pakistan 01-08-21 @5pm

Published on 01 Aug 2021 / In People & Blogs
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gchase 1 month ago

Afghanistan will now be a savage bloodbath
Talibam revenge

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InfiniteMushroom 2 months ago

The overriding lesson is the one that won't be pointed out. ZOG-U.S. should've stayed the hell out and let the USSR clean out the Taliban; which they were doing. Afghanistan was doing just fine as a Soviet client state prior to the Taliban and CIA meddling. The CIA was arming the Taliban with Stinger MANPADs and other advanced infantry weapons in order to wear down the USSR.

Bottom line is that ZOG-U.S.A. is 100% responsible for the decades of chaos and war in that country. We took it over ONLY to get the poppy fields going again and production of heroin and opium for the Jew-controlled global narcotics trade. We airlifted pallets of cash on C-130's to finance the operation, since the warlords and poppy farmers didn't trust Washington and our shady banking system.

The Taliban obviously figured out that we cannot be trusted for anything and began fighting the ZOG puppet regime in Kabul. Now we're retreating from exhaustion and that means the Taliban won fair and square. The Afghan people aren't against them and the proof is lack of popular uprising against them. Only high-level traitors to the Afghan people will be evacuated, be resettled in ZOG-U.S.A, and fuck the taxpayers. We're just GOYIM and don't have the BALLS to unleash the kind of SHOAH that would make Adolph Hitler (RIP) rise up from his grave in Argentina and salute!

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