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Imagine A World Without Women - MGTOW

Published on 20 Sep 2023 / In People & Blogs

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Hi Everyone Sandman Here,

This video is brought to you by a donation Gabriel and here's what he has to say: "Hello Mr.Sandman, I stumbled across your channel by pure luck when I was 15, looking at youtube commentary videos. Then came "Think before you sleep," which piqued my interest for a year or two until a Sandman advertisement for Brave Browser caught my eye. Curiosity got the best of me, leading to a search for your channel. Initially, I thought, "What is he talking about?" It all seemed so strange, but then I heard the term "MGTOW." At that time, I had just entered a relationship with a girl I found really cute. Every time she said "I love you," I cringed. It puzzled me. Why is that Mr.Sandman? And then one day, while idly browsing YouTube, I stumbled upon your videos again. It wasn't about the information, but something you said turned my world upside down: "women don't love men." That, along with your insights on female nature and the red pill rage, made me question everything. I began to look at my girlfriend with newfound skepticism, and our relationship suffered as a result. I even started questioning her attraction to me, despite not being very tall. But I saw real attraction in her, not the typical "be a provider, and I'll settle" scenario. Then, I encountered Hammerhand, the MGTOW monk, who taught me not to waste hate on women. My world hasn't been the same since I discovered MGTOW at a young age, but I'm not jumping into it at 18. Instead, I've developed my own philosophy: sex should only be for procreation, and I've embraced your advice to define who I want to be, rather than becoming a utility for a woman. My lifelong interest in evolution and space led me to extensive research on human mating behavior and female nature. Here's what I've learned: We cater to women because they're the ones who produce both men and women. The world isn't as pure as it seems; power and reproduction drive much of what we do. There's a clear double standard. Women often take credit or resources from men in need. Women, despite any claims of male privilege, possess intrinsic value. Humanity's hedonism may lead to civilization's collapse unless we control or separate men and women. Don't believe what a woman says, but what she does. And the most important point: "GO YOUR OWN WAY." Since then, my sympathy for women has diminished, while my empathy for other men has grown. I no longer simp for women, thanks to my awakened subconscious. When I see a woman in need, I think, "She'll get help" or "Why help her when she's always had everything handed to her?" Regarding my ex-girlfriend, she used to love watching romance movies and Asian cartoons with me.

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the_question 8 months ago

Hey Sandman, I live in Canada too can you tell me any places in Canada worth exploring looking for paranormal shit? I REALLY hope you actually respond to this, I never see you responding to people here but please do because I need some ideas man. I'm young and in my 20s and want to have some fun lol

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Freeballstits 9 months ago

Men innovate for $$$ and females. So without females theirs no or little incentive to build all these futuristic items

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havok545 9 months ago

cut all females out of my life and I can not believe how peaceful my life has become even family members man it's so awesome. I WILL be getting a sex bot though other than that I'm just fine

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mrghoster 9 months ago

WOW! a world without women! Clean sea's and river's because they wont be polluted by tampon's and estrogen, can you also imaginfehow fucking quiet it will be without all that YACKING? lol! No more confusing and 5 year old tantrum's, Safer Roads to drive on without their fefail lack of perspective and poor driving skill's. MEN wont have to waste their time MANsplaining and do shit for the stupid CUNTS, NOT that I would help a women with ANYTHING these day's! lol! Yep! the nearest thing a good MAN would find to HEAVEN!

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mrghoster 9 months ago

MY very Red Pill/Stoic/ and MGTOW world already has banished women from interfering in it, and it is pure Heaven! lol!

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